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11 years ago
10 years ago
11 years ago

My Surf Profile

July 06
Shortboard / Thruster, Single / Retro, Mini-Mal / Hybrid
Grommet (1-2 yrs)
In Progression
Once or twice a month
NOWHERE!!!! i Live in London but ive been goin 2 cornwall very frequently since july - but now there buildng the artificial surf reef in bournemouth which will b awesome :D
La Libertad -El Salvador but only on calmer days :P
Beach Break, Left Pointbreak, I love them all
Bottom Turn
Fistral October Shoulder high 1st time i attempted a cutback. went pretty dam good considering!!!
nothing that bad.. as of yet =P
Jimmy Rotherham
Laird Hamiliton
Bobby Martinez
Taj Burrow
Kelly Slater y not =P

DUNCAN SCOTT who coached me XD
not so much local but ESF
lol not quite contest champ yet =P

My Quiver

Mini-Mal / Hybrid
3- Thrusther
its a pop out so nsp lol
7'10 x 22 x 3
Brand New
Its an NSP pop out so its E2 epoxy
came with MT-2 but i use FCS k-flex's
pretty perfect to help me increase my ability asap

i was tempted to go for the custom shortboard coz then it looks like im a pro and cool etc, but itd slow my progress so i figured i'd deal with the "lesser cool" look for now and shut the other fuckers up when they say me getting barrels in a few years... =P haha
just good times basically XD such a relaxed board - you could sleep on it during a session haha

Personnal info

United Kingdom
Young Gun (14-19yrs)
The smell of the sea
the feeling u get wen uve been paddling realy hard n then u no uv caught it and in tht split 2nd u decid 2 go left or ryt n then drop in
people lyk me wen i was a beginner hu crwdd the beaches n SUKD
Still at school
English, French, Spanish
Surf, Scuba, Kite, Roller, Skydiving, Snowboard, Sailing, Fishing, Motobiking
Rock basically see on myspace (www.myspace.com/JDXtreme) =P
Step Into Liquid
Riding Giants
American Pies
Scary Movies
n e thin thts around realy

Surfed Spots

Lista 'My Surfed Spots' de JDXtreme show JDXtreme profile

Lista de sitios favoritos

Cantidad de spots de surf: 2


2 spots de surf

Cornwall West

Spot de surf GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Fistral Clase mundial Todos los surfistas Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera 365 16 12


Spot de surf GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Boscombe Pier Puede ser Surfistas con experiencia Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera 67 6 2

Surf Sessions

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Cantidad de sesiones de surf: 1

  Date Sitio de surf Session's Rate Wind direction Waves height  
Ver 18-03-2007 Boscombe Pier 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft {TRIP_CELL}

Surf Trips

Viajes de JDXtreme show JDXtreme profile

Cantidad de viajes de surf: 1

  Titulo del viaje Fecha inicial Fecha final Sesiones  
Ver Boscombe Pier 18/03 18 March 2007 18 March 2007 1

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