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11 years ago
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My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster
Kook (0-1 yrs)
Total Beginner
Only when I'm on vacation
NONE... I live in Canada! Pretty far from the coast...
San Clemente, Orange County
Wipe out
~30 sec wipeout underwater after a surf session in Newport (California)... Hurricane in Baja made sweet 8 - 12 feet waves... Only problem is I had just ben surfing 2 weeks, no lessons, with a 6'10" shortboard... brutal wipeout for me... took 5 min on the beach... then headed back out and rode a 6-8 foot wave... Best and worst time in my surf career...

My Quiver

Battered and Bruised
Treats me good... got ran over by a car, got blown off my roof on the highway... broke the tip on a low tide and fixed it... she'll always be my first board!

My Surftrips

Road trip from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) to Orange County, California... about 75 hrs. straight drive in an old van with two other buddies... Vigin sufers lookin to experience what the ocean has to offer... Spent a month trying a bunch of beaches from San Diego to L.A. Best time of my life... would do it again in a hearbeat...

Personnal info

Just In (20-24yrs)
Hamilton, Ontario
English, French
Surf, Kite, Treckking, Canoe, Kayac, Snowboard, Rock climbing, Road biking
Surf Ninjas and Riding Giants
Too busy to read...

Surfed Spots

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United States of America

4 spots de surf

Orange County

Spot de surf GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Newport beach Normal Todos los surfistas Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera 282 11 16
San Clemente Pier Normal Todos los surfistas Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera 180 4 10
Seal Beach Clásico regional Todos los surfistas Derecha y izquierda Rompiente/Malecón 156 8 5

San Diego County

Spot de surf GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Encinitas - D Street Normal Surfistas con experiencia Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera 174 5 7

Surf Sessions

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Surf Trips

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