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How to fix a ding - 2010/07/02 14:14 Despite my attempts of not dinging up my board. It happened So I was going to go to the store and try to pick up all the materials myself to fix it. I honestly don't have the money to pay someone to fix it not to mention I figure I need to learn sometime and what better time than the present. I got a few tips here and there thus for. But was just wondering what people thought was best. What they thought worked best etc.

It's a fiber glass board it is about two inches long on the rim of the board. It for the most part is just a crack but there is a tiny little piece that chipped off.

Thanks for any suggestions...

peace love surf,
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Re:How to fix a ding - 2010/07/02 21:47 Hi Autum,
The ding you described does not sound too difficult. If the foam is not exposed, that's even easier. Using about #80 or #100 sandpaper, hand sand out all the damaged fiberglass. I wear rubber gloves when I do all fo this work because it irritates my skin. If your board is glassed with epoxy resin ,then you must get some expoxy resin. If your board is polyester ,you can used polyester or expoxy for the repair. I use epoxy for all repairs. Make sure you buy surfboard resin ,not boat resin. Most surf shops sell various types of ding repair kits, or you can buy the materials separately. You will need the resin ,some 6 oz glass, the sandpaper and I use alcohol for clean up. After sanding ,tape the area around the sanding, leaving about 2 inches all the way around .Cut the fiber class with sharp scissors to ovrelap the ding by about 1 inch. Now you are ready to mix the resin. Once the resin in mixed (don't mix it in a plastic cup) Put the cloth over the ding and pour a small portion of mixed rein over the cloth and use a cheap 1 inch paint brush or squeegee to gently dap the resin into the cloth so it saturates the cloth. Not too much resin ,just enough to saturate. Keep an eye on it as it dries ,watching for bubbles. You can dab these out as needed . Once it dries ,you can lightly sand and apply another finsih coat of resin ,or go surf as long as the ding has been completely covered! If you decide to sand again, which makes it look much better, use a much finer sandpaper, like #200 or even #500. Good luck.
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Re:How to fix a ding - 2010/07/03 15:09 Thanks for the advice I appreciate it so much.

Peace love surf,
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Re:How to fix a ding - 2010/07/03 19:38 Autum, sorry to hear about the ding... I agree with Cook for most of their instructions, however if you have never done this I would say pick up a UV cure kit from your local shop (about $14) UV resin is much easier to work with and and will not start drying until you expose it to sunlight. I run a ding repair business here in FL and would be very happy to answer any further questions that you may have. Good luck and keep enjoying that amazing Cali swell of yours!
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Re:How to fix a ding - 2010/07/04 04:06 Agree with waterman. If it is not to serious U may be able to just fix it with some u.v. resin. Just make sure u tape it off and apply the resin inside before u take it outside to cure.
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Re:How to fix a ding - 2010/07/04 06:35 There is about a quarter inch of foam missing though so I don't know if the quick stuff will work you know.
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