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Portugal or Morocco - with a family - 2007/07/24 19:27 Looking for advice -

I want to find a perfect place for a vacation at the end of August - or early Sept. We are looking at Portugal or Morocco - but the kicker is that I have to find a place where my family will be happy, and looked after, and I can go for an occasional surf... Ideally I'd like to find either a hotel/club that is really child-friendly (so we can have some time with the kids being looked after in kids-activities clubs and babysitting (one is almost 4, the other 1.5yrs old..)

OR... (and maybe I'm dreaming here...) find a house to rent (probably in Morocco, rather than in Portugal), with a nanny/housekeeper - we like to be independent, but don't want to spend all our vacation looking after the kids and cooking and washing up.... if you have kids you'll surely understand

Some friends-of-friends did this in Morocco a while ago... but I have not been able to track down details.

Any ideas?
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Re:Portugal or Morocco - with a family - 2007/07/30 02:54 From my experience, your best bet would be Portugal, of which I have little or no knowledge, though I would imagine its a bit more cosmopolitan than Morocco. Shame really because Morocco has the best waves I have ever surfed and no crowds. 100-200m long walls were the norm with a occasional longer ride. Only the long long paddles back to the line up caused me any problems.

However, for the family there aint much there but dust and broken rocks to entertain them. Once you have laughed at the goats up tree's thats the entertainment over. The people are friendly enough, and the beaches are nice but that's all there is. I didn't venture into the markets where I am sure you would be delighted to learn of the Moroccan hard sell. But dont go during Ramadam if you want any sleep.

I want to go to Morocco again in Jan/Feb but I'm not taking the family and that makes all the difference.
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Re:Portugal or Morocco - with a family - 2007/07/30 07:36 hello,
I don't think you've seen much of morocco than what is in front of the spot you surfed, but i will not comment anything about it as what Morocco has to offer to people from culture to the beauty of the beaches and of course of the waves.
Agadir which is the closest city from the world class breaks (22 km from anchor point and killer point) has 32000 classified hotel beds, that might not be all full of single travellers
anyway, when u'll be back again, don't be shy to ask a local to make you discover his country, you will not miss as much as u did.
welcome back when ever you want
keep on riding
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Re:Portugal or Morocco - with a family - 2007/08/01 04:29 About waves: End of august - begining of september is a really nice period for nice waves in morocco

About family entertainment: You will be surprised too see how many things there are to see in this country that you have never seen before...

About rent: cheap and very easy to find

About housekeeper: very cheap and easy to find too
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