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New Boards - 2008/04/22 04:00 Hey people! I'm looking to get a new board, but I'm not really sure what I want. I surf mainly in Washington. Any suggestions?
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Re:New Boards - 2008/04/24 00:13 Longboard?, Shortboard?, Epoxy, glass, carbon fiber, bisect?

To start, go to a shop and talk to them and look at what sparks some interest.
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Re:New Boards - 2008/04/24 02:47 I am a big fan of Biofoam cores with an epoxy shell. I firmly believe that the wait for a custom shape that is made just for you is well worth it. The biofoam core can be custom shaped and is stronger and more uv resistant (not to mention recyclable) than standard polyurethane cores. Epoxy is also stronger than traditional glass and the process is a little more environmentally friendly. So you get a shape that is best for your surfing style and a board that can stay in your quiver for years beyond some expensive mass produced board that was shaped for some pro’s style that most people can’t even emulate. Of course this is just my opinion, but I surf biofoam epoxy boards that my local shaper made for me and paid significantly less for my boards than the shops were offering for their mass produced boards.
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