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Re:Fins - 2008/08/16 07:05 Ha, Ha, But I don't think its a case over-engineering.

(1) Plastic is cheaper
(2) They call sell more fins sets
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Re:Fins - 2008/08/18 04:34 what about shape for center fins of a long board, i've seen some pretty funky shapes out there. I have a robert august WIR and i just ride the standard glass center fin (leaving the two side fin boxes empty), how much a different feeling will i get out of a funky shaped fin?
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Re:Fins - 2008/08/18 05:46 Ok, no engineering purpose, only marketing strategy.
But I was lucky to have this waste form at my board a couple of years ago at Morocco. On our rental car we had only a socalled "softrack" to fix the boards on top. We drove very slow, but suddenly a 30-ton truck came up against us and his blister snapped the rack. The boards flew into the sand beside the street. All three fins were cut but the boxes got no scratch.
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Re:Fins - 2008/08/19 05:16 @ EricB
It depends on the shape of the board, for a more progressive longboard shape with the side bites in, i like to use a cut-away type fin, takes out some stiffness in the fin and feel. When riding a little more traditional style board (single fin)go with a hatchet design, it produces "whip" for your bottom turns, trims and such. A lot of people riding the real traditional boards ride the big quarter circle fins or some variety of sort, i don't have much faith in those fins, they are antiquated.
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