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sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/07 23:23 hey, i'm just surfing online with nothing better to do, looking at some shark attack reports and thinking about the circumstances and how i feel about sharks. nothing new here, just the same wisdom my great grandmother passed to me when i was four years old and starting to make my own way out of the house and towards the beach...

there's clear correlations between shark attack frequencies and the following factors:

1. Morning and evening: Most attacks occur in the morning and in the evening.
2. Murky water: Most attacks occur in murky water.
3. Overcast skies: Most attacks occur under overcast skies.
4. Surfing alone: Most attacks occur on loners.
5. Feeding grounds: Most attacks occur near feeing grounds such as river mouths, boat harbours, seal colonies and seasonal fish movements.

in case of shark attack, there seems to be strong evidence to suggest your best plan for survival is to hang-on and fight back with all you can give it. several shark attack survivors have told how they held the shark and went for its eyes while it was chewing on them. also, the severity of many sharks attacks may be reduced by the intervention of someone nearby who has the heart to paddle over and join in the fray.

as for those hip gurus amongst us who think it's essential for sharks to share the line-up and want to totally protect them, even from shark repellents, get a life. it doesn't matter if a poor little white pointer is only being inquisitive while its severing your torso, the ocean is ever increasingly part of our natural domain and, sharks are pea brained low-life predators and they are not user friendly when your mind on the next set; should we tolerate tigers and crocodiles free-ranging in our suburbs while we're kicking back with a beer on the lawn?
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Re:sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/09 01:34 I certainly break a lot of those rules.

Good info, I knew a lot of them but did not know the overcast skies rule!
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Re:sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/11 13:30 Greetings element,

Not sure if you are one of those poster who instigate, to get things going, don't really know you well and as I am new on this board so really I am in shark waters here.

Just my two cents, but if the ocean was our "natural domain" we would not need surf boards or boats or flippers. So what you mean to say is our ever increasing infringement on the ocean's habitants..." and with man's eminent domain attitude towards earth and it's natural resources it reasons that sharks would be another obstacle or nuance that should be eliminated or conquered. Well, your post is illuminating to say the least.

Unless, your AquaMan you ought to respectful of who actually dominates the ocean's natural food chain. When in the water, you are, like all of us, a feeding opportunity, plain and simple.

Now I am not one who cries foul play when we want to use repellents, they are a good idea if they can find one that actually works. But I do get bent from people who think like you, because it is not the shark repellent,or protective measures that need to be tempered but people who like you who the sharks need protection from. Ironic how when you look at it, your thinking is what is decimating its population because I never really believed in the "power of thought"

Pura Vida

PS: If you really are AquaMan will you send me a PM, I lost my pati philip at a reef in Tahiti
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Re:sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/11 17:41 hi thetico, yes, one way or another, i've provoked a debate about limiting shark attacks and i have a lasting opinion: generally a human life and it's fulfilment is more important than that of a shark and thus humans have the right of reason to control the threat which sharks pose to them. if you read my post without bias you will note i began by indirectly giving practical expamples of how to avoid sharks and went on to infer that i will not accept the uncontrolled presence of sharks in my line-up.

as for your outburst about what constitutes the human domain, just think about it: you can walk on land and swim in the ocean without artificial aids but what is "walking upright" and what is "swimming freestyle", are they natural or artifical developments? when you sleep at night, you do so in the artificial comfort of your home and your warm bed but, is it not natural for any animal to seek safety and comfort? how is it that a bird's nest is natural but your bed is not? you've had your say about what is natural and what is not but you've made several assumtions about what is natural because your mind is disconnected from reality by the mechanations of deeply embedded systems of belief. my point is that anything and everything is natural or artifical depending how you look at it. "natural" aside, the ocean is an important and growing factor in the human domain whether you like it or not.

in the case at hand, we should be looking for the basis of a reasonable debate between humans about how the risk of shark attack can be mitigated. primarily, the issue of how we avoid sharks and what we should do about their presence is critical to the well being and survival of ever increasing numbers of ocean goers as well as to the sharks themselves. the reality is many people die or are seriously injured by sharks while simply going about their daily lives without any malice towards sharks and, many sharks die needlessly due to absurd human factors.

there's no sense in accepting the status-quo when it hurts and we can do something about it but, there doesn't appear to be any common ground for humans and sharks to negotiate a peace. sharks aside, the debate amongst humans should be well informed by the horror and lasting effects of the horrors for humans and sharks but, many surfers have never ventured far from their already decimated home waters in europe and so they can't fully appreciate what it means to be for a surfer to be bitten in half while enjoying a few waves on a nice groundy day. the same surfer sitting in his comfy lounge in europe does however feel some remorse when they watch television and see hundreds of sharks being needlessly slaughtered for only their fins.

yes, let's outlaw the slaughter of sharks for their fins and let's protect sharks from overfishing and mindless revenge killings but, let's not accept a pea-brained low-life predator such as a shark biding uncontrolled in our midst. in the future there'll be technologies which will adequately and affordably repel sharks but for now that is not the case. for now, if a shark is frequenting an otherwise safe swimming beach, let's make sure it is stopped before there's an attack. if a shark has been identified as responsible for an attack, let's take it out of the equation.

to think it's possible to prevent humans from looking after their own interests at the expense of sharks is simply pissing in the wind of evolution and sound reason and, insisting on shark-hugging as the only alternative will only provoke a more radical reaction from the other side of the debate which will lead only to there being less sharks to be hugged.
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Re:sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/12 05:50 Rule number 1-3 is generally observed when a shark attack occurs because sharks are light sensitive. Thus the reason why surfing at night increases your risks of running into the men in gray suits.
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Re:sharks avoidance wisdom - 2008/12/14 16:38 Oh hell .... Im screwed.

Quick question though, where in the world as a surfer are you most likely to be attacked? Im thinking which line-ups are the most nutorious for getting nibbled on?
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