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Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/15 21:52 Hey guys,

I'm going to Peru this October, hopefully someone who knows the place can answer a few of my questions, that would be greatly appreciated.

I will stay at Luisfer Surf Camp, at La Isla.

Firstly, my level of surfing. I've been surfing for a while, so I can say I'm not a begginer. However, I'm not very good. For me it gets pretty scary when it's over 6 ft, even though I will go out and surf. I have a hard time when it's too hollow (I tend to take off a little late), but I'm working on it. still working on cutbacks and simple snaps... I learned the movement, but I'm not sure if it looks good at all, since I was never filmed.

Questions... will I find La Isla easy? When it gets big (around 8ft), is the take off too difficult? It seems to be a really soft wave, but I heard the take off can be tricky... is that really so?

What about Sea Urchins? are those really a problem? or is it rare to step on a urchin? Feel kinda ackward surfing in booties, so if i could avoid that, it would be awesome!

my last question is, how powerful it really is? As I mentioned, from the videos the wave seems to be rather gentle? But I hear the foam can drag you for a while. I would like an honest opinion on this. I'm not a very good surfer, but in Brazil it's all beachbreaks, so we always have to paddle out, we don't have a channel to paddle through. If you take that in consideration, do you think I can handle that whitewater?

Also, if you have tips on other breaks, that would be great. I want to improve my surfing in Peru, but I'd like to know which places may be a little too much for my level of surfing... I'm a little scared to be honest, because the average size seems to be rather big.

Thank you!
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Re:Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/15 23:31 Hey, in La Isla, are the rocks deep enough to take a deep duckdive through the whitewater?

I once hurt my fingers and broke my board at Upper Trestles, so I always keep that in mind from now on (forgot to mention I lived in SoCal for almost a year... I was working, but managed to surf almost everyday in Venice, and in places like Huntington, Topanga and Trestles on the weekends).
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Re:Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/17 22:58 Anyone?
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Re:Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/18 00:41 where to start....

you can't miss la isla - Punta-Hermosa is small and it is right out front. It is one of those waves that breaks in several spots (water depths) depending on swell size - when really big the bay closes out completely - but small to mid size it is fine. It is a bit crowded - just because of the easy access...

The easiest wave in the area is Dos Mueles at San Bartolo just south (10km?). Given your concerns about La Isla, avoid Penescal - its steep and fast. Caballeros is my favourite wave in this area, but it breaks over rocks - the water is usually clear so you can chose your 'danger' level.... it is a rare right. Senoritas is the twin going left but is a bit faster and steeper... try the roadside restos by the entrance to caballeros - super ceviche

For a super easy wave 80km south is Cerro Azul, and half way there the sublime Puerto Viejo (if conditions good) I surfed this shoulder high, long peeling lefts with crystal clear water and dolphins... on my own. Heaven!

Urchins - yes - but only when exiting the water... annoying and mostly avoidable - but I often wore booties as didn't want to be kept out of the water by a small infection...

This area has so many breaks, that you can usually find something your level...
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Re:Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/18 01:06 Thank you Pico23, I really appreciate that.

I will stay right in fron of La Isla, so it will be likely the first wave I'll surf there.

I'm a little worried, but not too much. my only fear is that the wave turns out to be harder than it actually seems. I am considering Penascal, but I know it may be a long shot. and Señoritas is where I expect to improve on my backhand surfing, also in Puerto Viejo and Cerro Azul, which I will not miss by the world.

What about the whitewater at La Isla and other breaks? Just wandering if, because the source of the swell is so different from what I usually surf in Brazil (mainly wind waves that form very close to the coast, so there's no time to pick up much energy... even though it can and does get big... just not Peru big), the waves may be way more powerful then they seem.

La Isla looks super easy on the videos I watched, even when big... but then again, so does Punta Rocas.

What about Punta Rocas... do you think I may score there? I heard the shorebreak can be a little tough, but how far is it? just wandering if I time the waves right I may pass by the shorebreak without even getting my hair wet.

Thanks a bunch!
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Re:Surfing in Punta Hermosa, Peru - 2012/05/18 23:21 at la isla there is a rip along the side of the bay which helps you paddle out... watch the locals.

At Punta Rocas the shore-break can be a pain, - once past it the paddle is easy as you go beside the wave. On all the point breaks be careful to pick your takeoff area - find some markers on shore to line up with, as you will quickly get out of position and end up near the rocks, or even getting drifted the wrong side of the point...

If you have time - go north - the water is warmer and Chicama, huanchco and Mancora are all great wave areas
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