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First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/04 12:01 Well me and my friends want to take a trip to costa this summer, but this will be our first trip by ourslevs " Parents not coming, funding or setting anything up". I have looked at sites like travelocity, orbits, costa surf camps and exc... I know there has to be better deals out there and some inns and outs i dont know about.

Im asking for your help on where to book flights, hotels and anything else you feel you can really help me on..??

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Re:First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/06 07:03 Hi there,
im living in Costa Rica for surf info around Guanacaste check www.bananasurfclub.com and for acomodation try hostel mamiri in Tamarindo, cheap clean with lots of extra.
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Re:First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/20 13:43 Yeah, it is no joke. Diego and company will take great care of you! Awesome kitchen so you don't have to drop all your loot on food, and super friendly people.
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Re:First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/21 20:10 Hey Watty, Ive been to Costa Rica twice now and love it, If you fly in late n cant get to the beach straight away try Arilapa hostel, really good, cheap rooms and they do a pretty good breakfast. I always stay there on my first n last nights, Arnoldo will pick you all up from the airport free n help you with transport out to the beaches, really good spot,I will be staying there again. You can call Arnoldo on CEL: +506 371-5674 or at home on +506 443-6941, he speaks perfect english and his wife Ileana teaches Spanish which could be helpfull. Check them out at www.arilapa.com

Alot of great surf spots around Tamarindo, be sure to take a boat trip to witch's rock and ollies point, Top class uncrowded waves, well worth the money.

Take it easy

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Re:First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/22 04:49 How good of a surfer are you and what kind of waves are you looking for? Do you longboard? If you longboard I would suggest staying up North say, Tamarindo. If you shortboard you can try Playa Jaco or Playa Hermosa. Hermosa is a heavy wave but there are really cheap places to stay there and a good vibe. Playa Jaco is a bit busier, a bit more expensive, more restaurants, more dangers at night. It takes 2-2.5 hrs to get to Jaco/Hermosa from San Jose airport. I have no idea of where to go up north.
Good Luck and Live Aloha
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Re:First Trip to Costa Help.... - 2008/06/22 07:05 I usually book my flights through SideStep.

Places I have stayed and deliver both quality rooms and location at reasonable rates.

Las Tortugas in Playa Grande, the apartments are a deal. Mellow and a short walk to the breaks. Owner is cool and help is accomodating. Free high speed internet in the restaurant.

Avellanas south of Tamarindo, great breaks with reef, beach and rivermouth breaks!

Maunoa Loa, doubt it is spelled correctly but they offer 3 beds in very clean Cabanas with a pool. Owners are Italian but speak english and it is a cool place, albeit very mellow. No internet! Hike to the beach but worth every step!

Copacabana in Tamarindo is one of my favorite places, of course the owner is Italian and so am I, I played guitar for them and he sang for me. This place is highly underrated. Big pool for chillin and close walk to all the breaks in Tamarindo. Also close to the nightlife. Rooms are clean and grounds are beautiful for the price. Free high speed internet by the pool. Ask them to play some ceholli for you, I left my CD there!

Best Western in Tamarindo is nice but a little pricey but if you have the extra greenbacks nice place to stay. Surf shop at the bottom of the hill has decent rentals and will help with info about where it is breaking.

I have stayed in Jaco but nothing I can recommend, same with Playa Hermosa. I liked the wave in Playa Hermosa but like the wave 20 miles south better but have yet to stay anywhere around there I truely could recommend. I am not saying they were horrible but just nothing I would recommend. Jaco, well I have never seen a really good wave there, you can have some fun but not where I would stay just to surf any of the breaks in close proximity.

Loved Santa Teresa but again have yet to find a place I dig. The breaks in the area are fantastic. I stayed a Luz De Vida and the grounds were cool but the rooms a little dirty.

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