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Re:Going to Boston Bay in Jamaica 1/08.. - 2007/11/20 10:27 Check these websites. They provide accomodation, airport pick up and transport and guiding to surf spots including Boston Bay. They have a shop that rents and provides ding repair. I emailed them, I'm gonna try to hook up with them over Christmas.
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Re:Going to Boston Bay in Jamaica 1/08.. - 2007/11/20 10:29 opps forgot the site links


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Re:Going to Boston Bay in Jamaica 1/08.. - 2008/01/28 12:51 I just got back from Boston Bay (1/27/08)and it was awesome!
Waves all week long, I arrived late Saturday afternoon to see waves up to 8 ft.+ faces on the bigger sets/average 4 to 6ft. the next day almost the same. By the end of the week (Thusday - Friday) it was anywhere from 2 to for 4ft.+ depending on which part of the day, then Saturday morning it was at 4 to 6ft. and supposively 12ft on Sunday predicted. Even with the winds picking up sometimes the was still good waves forming from day break till even into the night. I surfed twice a day almost everyday, 1st after my free breakfast at 10:30 AM till around 2 PM and then again @ 4:30 till 6:15 PM (dark). I made friends with the surfers from the local surf team/surf shop, upon arriving I gave those locals much needed older surf trunks of mine from such brands as O'Neil, Quiksliver, Rip Curl, Hurely and some tank tops, hats and surf shop sticker too. Also before leaving I left my 7'-4" pre-fab/china "Gotcha"funboard to help with their little surf (shack) shop business. Most of the locals where shortboarder, but this spot is great for longboarders, they also gave surf lessons too On the weekends it got a little crowded, almost around 12 or so surfers in the water ha ha what joke coming from a So. Californian surfer and during the week I'd have the whole bay to myself sometimes except for a bodyboarder or another surfer or so through out the day. I stay at this very cool laid back outdoorsy hotel of huts on the side of the bay (greathuts.com). some of the low end bamboo huts went for around $35 US a day. Besides the great location, weather in the water and out it was great overall. The "Great Huts" is all enclosed with a fence on a cliff overlooking the bay, with a some what little town, little bars & stores, though the locals are a little aggressive trying to sell you food jewlery and other things. It was still a great trip with great local people & tourist too.
Oh yes surf the two local Boston Bay surf champs, one was a 16 year old kid named "Redman" who is ranked 31st in the world and a 19 year old named "Yellow" who surfed a contest at Teahupoo. GO Surf Boston Bay, Jamaica Soon, Richard
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