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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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  Qué hay de nuevo

  • 29 sep 
    [ Spot de surf ] Mascaret Garonne France, Gironde
  • 22 sep 
    [ Comentario ] The hut - paradise cove facts you need to know about this spot.. there is a reason this spot is not on surfline and other sites etc. for one, the hut and paradise cove are separate spots. there are no locals that care about paradise cover at all, by all means su [...] Más...
  • 20 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Sandshoes I love shoes. Head south continue past Shelley beach then turn left when you see the house with the Aussie flag on the corner, that's jibbon st. The wave is at the end of this street
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Abs tubes. got 1 of my best tubes ever there in high school
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Windansea spent my firs 21 years of life livin here. had many good days, many bad days, and many many overcrowded days. its funny cuz even if all the visitors were removed, and it really was locals only, it would still be overcrowded. some of the best d [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Terra mar cove point would be fun.... the wave is great for a talented shortboarder, but youll have to paddle faster than 100 longboarders and 20 SUPs to catch one. and youll still get cut off. sadly that describes almost every reef in no [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Turtles well.... there is also a turtles surfspot just north of windansea. breaks off a big flat rock called turtle rock. but its so rarely worth surfing i dont even consider it a real spot. the encinitas turtles is a [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Lower trestles it is technically san diego county. so is uppers. the county line is right where the blacktop road meets the beach. the cops who gave me a railroad trespassing ticket told me so. lowers is a wave with a lip made for bashing, again and a [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Tourmaline for old guys and girls really. befor longboarding came back it was empty, so i learned to surf there on my 5'6" in 1980. ther'd be like 5 cars in the lot on a weekend then. now u cant even find a space on a weekday. but its definat [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Tippers . high tide is much. low can be fun if u know exactly where to sit. yeah it used to be a place to avoid the cardiff reef crowds. but now its got a crew on it every morning of the week. its really only g [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Suckouts lived front row for a decade. its only suckouts when it gets so low the longboarders cant make the drop anymore. then its mostly a right. u can get a tube and come out before it closes out, maybe even get a hit in. lefts are usual [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Simmons gets good but. so damn rare
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Scripps . its the inland beach thanks to the 52 freeway funneling everyone east of i5 straight to shores/scripps. and that freeway keeps getting longer, crowds increase. theres like .001% of people surfing out [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] San elijo state beach no parking. so damn hard to even find a parking spot. and every car is full of surferbros, so every spot in the whole damn campground is beyond comfortable surfing capacity even on weekdays. seems to be the spot [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Pb point mushy. do not expect a lip to play with. really doesnt feel like a pointbreak much.
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Oceanside harbor consistent. when everywhere else is small, theres more size here
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Little point grew up her, 21 years.... nobody used to surf it unless it was highish tide and south swell. i have a funny feeling people surf it on norths and lowish tide nowadays...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Fletchers cove hard to get it good. small tide window
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Dabbers saw a good wave break there once. so i went out and got 2 good ones, then sat 45 minutes waitin for another. it barely broke and i couldnt catch it
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Cherry Hill fickle. and the rivermouths pretty polluted usually. and ive seen lots of cars smash-and-grabbed next to the cliff. cuz the thieves cant be seen by passig cars or beach goers. also its pay parking there, with [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Cardiff reef always crowded. too funny it sayss "few surfers" on weekdays here. bs. lived directly in front of it for a decade. it was already way too full of longboarders thee. once SUPers came along, it ruined everything. yeah [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Big rock born and raised here, walked or biked to br.... surfed it a ton 80s and 90s. but it was already plenty crowded back then. havent been back for like 15 years now. by then it was crowded even on small days and too low of tides, 7 days a week. its got [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] 85s crowded always. just dropping some truth here: theres already 10 guys in the water on an average weekday when its just gotten bright enough to see at like 6am. its another 1 of those spots i used to surf alone occasi [...] Más...
  • 19 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Capbreton - la pointe l'un des meilleurs spots. Bonjour, j'ai testé et je confirme, c'est l'un des meilleurs spots ! J'adore Jean-Mich
  • 18 sep 
    [ Comentario ] Hogans used to walk there from my house. rarely would anyone paddle out if u were out there with friends, but that was the 80s. mid 90s i heard thee was some asian from PB that decided he was local cuz he drove there often. lol. was seldom g [...] Más...

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