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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Tuamotu Islands

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Por alisha66 , 18-11-2010

Marquesas Islands - Marquesas Island is really a beautiful place. If you love water or adventure you can easily select this place. Marquesas Islands is composed of the smaller island communes. It is a part of the French Polynesia region, an overseas territory of the France by the Pacific Ocean.

Por Anonymous , 15-09-2010

Voyage through French Polynesia - Just returned from a extensive voyage of French Polynesia, lived in the Tuamotu Islands for several weeks and if you have a fear of sharks you won't after you've swam with hundreds or rather thousands of them, as you will when your here. This is the shark capital of the world.


Por Anonymous , 30-07-2010

Tiger sharks in Tuamotus - Ran out of the water a number of times by Tiger Sharks... Stay out of the water in this region.
Friend was messed up by a Tiger Shark..

Por Greg Hamby , 13-12-2009

tikehau - I spent 10 days aboard Cascade in dec. 2004. Are they still in business? We were blessed with good surf. At that time Cascade was the only boat there. All was good and the two locals were great. There was more surf than you could ride. Sun exposure is a very big factor there. You will pray for some clouds.

Por Tommy , 26-05-2009

Don't Spray - Wow, lots of spraying going on here. I have been on Chris and Moana's boat. I spent 6 days on the Cascade a year ago. It was an incredible trip, great surf, spearfishing, fishing, fun every day. Great hosts, including the crew. Tons of food and fresh fish. To top if off, as the swell died we all went to Teahupoo. Flew one afternoon, then woke up and took a van to the spot (day 7 & 8). Chris arranged all of this. It was 25' and tow-in the day we flew. By the time we got there it was just overhead and fun. Thankfully. But, Chris arranged for this at no extra cost, but van ride down. He also was a gracious host showing us around his property, taking us out to the line up, and generally going way overboard in hospitality. So, keep spraying your hate. All I can say is I was on the boat, surfed there, saw no threatening sharks and it was an incredible trip. Don't listen to the blowhards. Check yourself.

Por Golla , 05-12-2008

cruising from Marquesas to Tahiti via Tuomotus - Hi guys I need a bit of help with choosing which Tuomotus to cruise to...I am just one surfer with my wife and kids, sailing from Marquesas, I will leave Marquesas around mid April and be in Tuomotus by May and June. I am not anything to do with charters, i just would appreciate some pointers. I have been checking out all the motus with western passes that face down to the south swell...so i have some ideas. If you wish you can send me a personal mail on my yachts sailmail, 2ave4@sailmail.com If no-one wants to part with any info thats fine too haha I am going anyway, cheers Golla on yacht shimmi

Por Take this advice , 26-05-2007

DON'T GO! - My bros went on this trip with these guys and got skunked, which happens when you only have 7 days. But they MOORED less then 100 yards away from the other boat, and despite constant harassment, the captain refused to move the boat to another location just to be a little isolated. They had lots of excuses why they couldn't leave, but in the end, it was all about the gas money. 8 guys HIRED this boat for 7 days, and they had no control over the itinerary, which ended up being a 7 day floating hotel at a permanent mooring less then 100 yards away from a HUGE boat holding 12 surfers. You can guess what happened the one day it was surfable? Yep - cat fights in the water. JOKE! These guys are crooks and know nothing about the service business.

Por grant@tahitianbluewaterdream.com , 22-12-2006

surfing the Tuamotu Atolls - The surf in the Tuamotu Atolls can be absolutely epic with long lefts and rights. It's a very remote region connected to French Polynesia which makes it a little expensive. We think our boat trips offer pretty good value compared to staying in Tahiti in general with good atmosphere on the boat and a good relationship with the local Tuamotuans. Chris and Moana always try to find the best waves and have a good knowledge of the place. Check out www.tahitianbluewaterdream.com.

Por my amp goes to 11 , 05-07-2006

surfers are selfish and arrogant - i rarely surf anymore . Tired of bumping rails and dodging stinkeye and attitude. I(38 yrs. ) grew up in so. cal . Now I travel remote and unpopular places a few times a year just to avoid "butthole surfers". Reading about people fighting over waves in the middle of nowhere is weird. Funny, that's the type of place you'd think would be empty . P.S. not all surfers are s & a. but too many are . Whatever ,I'm done crying.

Por oba , 25-01-2006

When did you go? - I am curious when you went on the trip. I am assuming that the one wave was not worth the $$.

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