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Sesiones: b4 breakfast

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Monday 2 August 2010 10:57:33

Sitio de surf: Valdovino, Spain

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: Sin viento

Wind Strength: Calma total

Nb waves ridden: 2

Length of the surf session: 60 min

Surfboard ridden: 6'2"

Waves Quality:
- Divertida
- Veloz

Waves Shape:
- Múltiplos picos


B4 breakfast surfs are hard for me 'cause I love breakfast. But it looked so good, and we have had just baby surfs for a few days now. Actually since the full moon. They say that if the waves are shit during the full moon then it stays shit for a solid week. It's true. Anyway the week of scheis is over, and bring it on!

This wave is not like it was last year, with the full on peeling wall, but beachbreaks are like this, sometimes its good, and sometimes it's avg.  So the wall is a bit shorter than it use to be, but still, a meter is a meter, and glassy is glassy. 

Flo got some good ones, and I got a couple of lefts that are happy. Martin, Lukas, and Nils joined in a little later. On my last wave, I was going for a big (for me) right.... and i just wasn't committed enough to go. My board went anyway, and I entered the washing machine. 

 The wind still hasn't picked up... and I think Pantin is on the agenda for the after lunch surf, and it's definitely gonna be a 3 surf day:)




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