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Viaje: Kauai

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Tuesday 6 February 2007 10:09:01

Fecha: de 15 Feb 2007 al 19 Feb 2007

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in short my trip was amazing!!!!

In long my trip was.......
Ok I have to start at the very beginning of the trip because it really all started back here on the mainland. I drove to the airport early to drop off my camping gear and surfboard. I was informed by the ticket lady that it would be 80$ each way to fly my board over there. I’m definitely not willing to spend that much money, so I opted to take the board home and press my luck with renting one there. So I check in my camp gear and heads back home with my board.
            Shortly after my friend picked me up at home and dropped me off at LAX - American. Since I already checked my bag I made it threw security and all the BS rather quickly. I was on my flight and reading several surf magazines I had picked up at the newsstand.

Now this is where things start to get pretty interesting. The one really crazy part about this trip is outside of the night before the wedding I have no idea where I’m staying. My airfare has been paid for and the only real thing I’m going to spend money on is car rental.

Ok back to the airplane. I’m sitting comfortably in an isle seat and the flight attendant comes around with headphones for $5 a piece. When he approaches me I give him a look of yeah right and he just drops one on my lap. The people next to me see this and he gives them one as well. They are a cute couple with a beautiful child who is small enough that he doesn’t need a seat. Adorable, but my fear is already starting to set in about how well a baby can behave on a flight this long. So we are in the air by know and the other flight attendant is coming by with drinks. She passes me and then we hit a little bit of turbulence and she falls in my lap. We make a little joke about it and then she finishes her duties serving the cabin.

So the first movie is over, and I get up to head to the bathroom. Both the male and female FA’s are in the back galley of the plane where the bathroom is. When I come out of the bathroom the female tells the male to be nice to me since I saved her. He asks me if I drink and hands me a Heineken. They introduce themselves as Ashley and Andy. They pretty much let me hang out in the back of the plane and we exchanged stories for most of the flight and the free beer keeps on coming. I tell them about my plans in Kauai and how I expect to sleep in my rental car for the first night but I’m totally cool with it. Side note about Andy he had a spinal operation several years ago and was told he’d never walk again and now he’s a flight attendant. AMAYZING! So the seat belt sign comes on and one of the older flight attendants comes by and tells me to sit. So I go back to my seat where at this point the baby is crying. He can’t decide between the attention of his mother or father, at one point he starts reaching for me. Very cute. I shake his little hand and we start talking in some sort of strange baby language. Not actually baby talk but baby language. So a little time passes and I notice that it really is starting to smell and so I look to the parents of the child and say I think he did a doodie. I’m sure they were embarrassed but didn’t really do anything about it. Fortunately for me we where very close to landing by the time the baby had done its worst. So the plane lands and my new friends Ashley and Andy tell me to wait for them outside the plane. After about five minutes they come out and ask me to join them at their resort, the Marriot of Lihue, it’s only about 10 mins from where we are. I still need to pick up my rental car so we exchange numbers.

            The weather in Kauai was balmy and warm. I felt like I was back in Springfield on a muggy summer night. It made me instantly nostalgic. So I catch the shuttle to Alamo rental car and schlep all my gear inside where there was unexpected long line. My first reminder that this is not LA and I need to slow the fuck down, have some patience and relax. I wait about 30 min while chatting with an effeminate businessman from Washington DC. He is vacationing in Princeville on the north side of the island. I reach the counter where there is a beautiful rather curvy Hawaiian woman who is nothing but smiles. She is very kind and kind of gives me some simple advice, which is “be cool and the locals are cool with you be a jackass and you’ll get beat up”. I liked her. My first encounter with the Aloha spirit. She shows me to my sweet little mini SUV a, 4 wheel drive Saturn which look like an outback but not as nice. Still, I’m very happy with it. I wave goodbye and I’m on my way. I ask the guy who checks the car at the gate how to get to the Marriott and he tells me 3 left turns. Easy enough. I give Ashley a call and tell her I’m on my way. I’m not quite sure what to expect, unaware of what kind of dough American is willing to drop on their employee’s. Much to my amazement the entrance is dotted with tiki torches and plush landscapes. This place is no motel 6. I pull up and it’s maybe one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. I find a place to park my ride and head to the lobby. Ashley and Andy come down and have me bring my stuff to their room. We grab 3 terry clothe bath robs and head down to the store to get some beer, chips, and sandwiches. I notice at the store they have this Vodka, which my friend is always raving about (Ocean Vodka). Apparently it’s only available in Hawaii. Anyway. So we head down to the beach and grab some lawn chairs. We get pretty drunk and they tell me all kinds of flying stories. At one point a giant feral cat jumps out of a tree and races down the beach scarring the shit out of all of us. The island is filled with feral cats and wild chickens due to a hurricane many years ago. We’re all wearing the white robs so it kind of look like we just escaped from the hospital. Funny! I run down to stick my feet in the water and it’s very warm. I start to salivate at the thought of the north shore. It’s getting late now and it’s time for bed. I’m so glad I found a place to sleep on my first night. After a day of traveling a bed was nice and the shower even nicer. In the morning we all met up at this little breakfast stand and I get a dish called Loco Moco (rice, hamburger patty, egg, and gravy) sounds healthy right. It was freaking delicious. The other FA’s from the plane are there and they look at the three of us like we had just had an orgy or something, which sadly was not the case. I say my goodbye exchange e-mails and head to the north shore.
            The only map I have is this piece of shit one that was free at the car rental place. I start heading west to get to the north shore. I end up driving through the grand canyon of the pacific and find a beautiful waterfall and a whole bunch of missiles, oh the irony of missiles and waterfalls. The one thing I did not find was the North shore. I stop into a market suck up my pride and ask the local girl working the register how I get to the other side of the island. She laughs and smiles and tells me you have to go east. There's only one main road on the island that goes north. I thank her, buy a corn dog, sandwich and some water and I’m on my way. So I’m driving north and I finally hit the north side of the island. The wave are much much bigger. I’m really getting excited now and also a little nervous. Apparently my cousin is up here with his fiancée getting a shaved ice or something and we try to connect but it just doesn’t happen. I find a little surf shop to rent a board for 15$ a day and continue my trek north. The north side of the island is much greener and the mountains much more defined. I would say the prettiest part of the island by far. I make it all the way to the end of the road and stop at a beach spot called tunnels.             The wind is really hollowing and the ocean is a choppy mess. Not really ideal weather for surfing. I take a nice little stroll on the beach and then hope back in the ride. I head back to the place I came to see to begin with Hanalei Bay. I read that this was one of the premier surfing spots on Kauai so it ultimately was my destination. When I arrive at Hanalei I enjoy some from fresh pineapple form one of the locals and just kind of hang on the beach for the waiting for the wind to die down. After about an hour it does and I throw on my rash guard and head out. Hanalei breaks on an outside reef so it’s about a 20min paddle out before you can really catch the waves. I make it out and let me tell you its pumping 10-14 feet faces over shallow reef, pristine blue and lots of really good surfers. I’m out there till the sun goes down and I catch a couple of good ones but in all honesty I was shitting myself the waves were so huge and there where a lot of really talented guys out. So I paddle back in and I’m starving. I head back up to the market to buy some grub and bear. Now the real challenge was where to I set up tent. You’re supposed to get a permit for camping, which I didn’t do. And I don’t have a spot anyway. So I head back to Hanalei to ask some of the locals. I notice in the far east corner there are several tents lined along the riverbed. I walk up to one of the locals and they say its private property and as long as I set up shop behind the tree line it’s all good. So I do. After setting up I meet my new neighbors. To girls from Norway who are studying nursing in Honolulu, a girl getting her masters in Oahu Niki, and her friend from San Diego Ramy. Later that night we met a rather large group of locals who all spoke the local language pigeon, which is basically really poor English, and slang that only they can understand. We sat around the fire drinking, eating and getting to know one another. Then the rain and I mean lots of it. It really started to poor. Fortunately the locals had a big party tent; the kind you usually see at festivals and carnivals. About a 12 to 15 people all cuddle under the tent and we continue to party until the rains dies down. All the visitors myself included have had our fill and we pack it in for the night. I get settled in and the rain really starts to pour again. It pours all night and I mean it’s really raining cats and dogs. It was so loud that it kept me up over half the night. The beautiful thing is that not one drop got inside my tent. It was the toughest weather my little 2-person tent had been through and it passed with flying colors. When I woke up in the morning it was still raining. The only other person up was the guy from San Diego Ramy. We decided to paddle out in the rain and started the long hall to the break. On the way out I was about 5 feet from a giant sea turtle. I’ve seen a lot of wildlife in the ocean but this was my first turtle. Very cool. We make it out to the break and it has gone down a little in size and a lot in the number of people. The rain and early morning session had kept them away. Waterfalls were streaming down the mountains and the dozen or so guys out had plenty of waves to catch. We were out there for hours and this was some of the best surfing I’ve ever had.  The rain stopped the sun came out and in traditional Hawaiian fashion and there was a giant rainbow. It was really beautiful. After several hours my arms and back began to feel like jelly from all of the paddling, so I decided to call it a day. I paddled in and cooked up a little chili one of the locals’ fires. I exchanged numbers with my new friends and headed south to meet my cousin in Poipu on the south side of the island. This was the part of my trip that had the most planning and was by far the least exciting go figure.

So I meet my cousin at the Hyatt, a beautiful hotel with several huge pools and a salt-water lagoon. They advise the patrons not to swim in the ocean because of the waves. We hang by the pool until its time for the rehearsal dinner witch is at Dukes in Lihue. Oddly enough Dukes is connected to the Marriott where I stayed the first night. I get cleaned up and throw on the one collared shirt and hole less pair of pants that I brought and head out. The dinner was nice I ordered the island special, which was the crusted clown fish mmm..Mmmm… good!!! My cousin gave me my best man gift, which was a silver money clip with my name, date and best man inscribed on it. This was the first time I met all of the fiancés family. A really nice bunch of people and the 2 kids were awesome. A 3-year-old little ball of sunshine and a 7-year-old intellectual. They had me dying the whole time. We head back home and at this point it’s so supposed to be just me and my cousin but that never really happens because his wife to be won’t leave his side until well after midnight, probably afraid I’d talk him out of it which I might have. Smart girl. I’m exhausted and pretty drunk and I pass out within 40 mins of being back in the room. The next morning we meet up with my aunt and uncle and they buy us a seafood brunch. Very good and I ate way too much, but at $35 a plate I was going to make sure I got my moneys worth. Cosu and I take care of some business and then it’s off to the pool. The one thing I noticed about the resorts is that there are very few young people and even fewer young single women. So the ones that are there tend to stand out. I’ve already yelled at the bride to be for having no brides’ maids. That’s right none. So there is this cute girl clear on the other side of the pool and this is a big pool. She's not with a guy so I decide to go for it. Conveniently I am starting to get a sunburn so being the sly fox that I am (sarcasm) I stroll over to ask for some sun block. I am mid sentence when I notice the gigantic rock on her ring finger. Woops too late now I have to commit. She says “ I have some up stairs with my HUSBAND” I smile out of embracement and move on to the lady next to her whom is a much much older woman. She gladly gives me some sun block and I’m on my way.

Wedding time is getting close and I don my best man outfit, which I had, my cosu pack it so that I wouldn’t wrinkle it. We head down to the beach where they have a beautiful archway set up made of flowers, palms and bamboo. An amazing ukulele and guitar player is strumming away. People are surfing in the background. The wind is blowing the sun is setting. The wedding was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. Filled with Hawaiian costumes and tradition. A lay, coconut, sand, and hand washing ceremony. Truly amazing! I received a beautiful lay and it kept pretty well so I’m stoked about that.

Off to the reception. The hotel was throwing a luau, which looked like a lot more fun than the reception. We had dinner. Gave my little speech, which was nothing special and then we all danced. I did the majority of my dancing with the 3 and 7 year olds seeing as how they were the coolest people there. So the parties over and yet again I need to figure out where I’m going to sleep. My aunt and uncle offer the extra bed in their room but I am totally not cool with this. So I decide to camp another night. They all look at me like I’m crazy and I tell them it’s the best way to spend my last night in Kauai. So I say my goodbyes and ask the valet/locals the best spot to camp on the west side of the island, the only side I haven’t stayed on yet. The asked if I liked to rough it and I told them Oh yeah. So they gave me directions to a place called Polihale. It's known for its isolation, beauty, rip currents and sharks. I head off.

            I stop at a market to pick up food and beer and I chat with the locals a bit. On of them worked at the Hyatt and said she saw me at the wedding. I told them where I was staying and they said “but you're white” which gave me a little fright, but then they told me I’d be cool. So I head out I drive as far west as I can until I come to dirt rode filled with potholes and no lights. To top it off I’ve procrastinated and I’m running low on glass. That’s what you call foolish. So I’m cautiously driving down this dirt road wondering when it’s going to stop or when I’ going to have to turn around so that I don’t run out of gas in the middle on nowhere. I finally come to the end of the road and I can hear the waves crashing. There are signs everywhere warning to stay out of the water. I hike down the path to the beach and set up my tent. I then gather a small amount of firewood and build a fire in a pit I’ve dug in the sand. I cook a little soup have a beer or two and settle in for the night. As I’m getting ready for bed I see a shooting star and make a wish. Lights out.

I wake up the next morning to the sound of mountain goats. I open my tent and they’re scaling the plush green mountain behind me. I climb up the mountain and meditate for a bit looking at the western pacific. I then walk south and see a couple of other campers I give a solid mid western wave and get one right back. I plop down in the sand and try to crave out a sculpture of the turtle I saw the day before. Another 40 mins of mediation. I’m walking back and I find this beautiful shell that would make a perfect necklace. But then I remember that its bad luck to remove coral and shells from the beach in Hawaii so I write in the sand “Mahalo and be well” and stick the shell back in the sand thanking the island for my trip. Kind of weird and metaphysical but I'm a little into that. I pack up and head back to the south shore to meet my cousin for lunch. We meet up and grab a burger and some beers. Somehow at this point I’ve gotten to know a good portion of the staff at the hotel and my cousin is totally freaked out by this. People keep walking by and saying hi. I even have nicknames for some of them “Smell good lady” and a young bartender named “Grandpa”. Seeing as they were the only young folks there it wasn’t hard to connect. We deiced to go for a swim and on my way out of the lagoon I pass the sun block girl from the day before. This time she’s with her husband. She smiles at me and ask if I brought sun block today. I smile and say yeah and that I got pretty burnt up yesterday showing her burnt shoulders. I could tell her husband was not completely amused by our exchange.

So I want to get one more round of surfing in so I say goodbye for good to my cousin and his new wife and head back up to Hanalei. When I get up the waves are much smaller. So I rent a 10ft red long board and head back to my spot. I paddle out and there is only one other guy out. The waves a few and far between. He eventfully paddles in and I have the whole spot to myself. I ride a couple of the waves really far in and then paddle back out. The paddling is much easier on such a long board. I’m sitting there and the sun is setting over the mountains. The rays are broken up into golden beams I have always called this effect Jacobs ladder not sure where I picked that up but it stuck. I enjoy the sunset catch a couple of more waves and thank the island one last time for my amazing trip. I paddle back in and sure enough Ramy and Nikki are still there. I give whatever food and beer I have left to them and they introduce me to some other people they have met one of which is supper agro. Ramy shows me this rock formation that sticks off the northwest corner of the island that looks like and Indian chief looking out in too the distance. We rap for a little while longer and now its time for me to head back to the airport. I return my big red board and I’m on my way.

So I’m back in Lihue and I pick up a couple bottles of that Ocean Vodka. One for my one friend and the other to share amongst everyone else. It’s now time to return the car and I pull up to Alamo. Sure enough the same curvy Hawaiian girl who was there when I checked in is there for me to check out. It is so nice to see her again and I told her all about my adventures. She smiled and seemed genuinely happy to see me. A great soul.

I’m back at the airport and now it’s time for a little drama. You see I was originally supposed to leave at 10:55 am via on (American) Lihue to Honolulu and then on (Hawaiian air) Honolulu to LA. But I wasn’t ready to leave so I called American and asked if I could take the 11:00 pm flight straight to LA. They said that it would be fine I just needed to cancel my current flight and go standby on the 11:00 pm flight. No charge. Great, right? No not great according to the ticket lady at the Lihue counter she says I can’t get on the plane and I’m stuck in Kauai until tomorrow and that if I want to fix it I’d better get on the phone with American because she doesn’t have time to fix it, she needs to check people in. So I do just that and after about 45 minutes of going back and forth with the airline and the lady at the counter the airline admits fault and just gets me a confirmed seat on the plane. So I rush threw security and barley make the flight home. It’s the red eye and I can hardly sleep. I arrive in LA around 7 o clock. Get my luggage and take a cab back home. I couldn’t reasonably expect anyone to pick me up at that hour.

I start groundlings this day at 10 a clock this day and I don’t make it into my bed until around 8:00. I sleep till 9:00 and get up and go to Improv class. After class I make the stupid decision to meet my friend for lunch in Pasadena. At lunch I made an even worse decision to have a beer. I’m now on my way back home from Pasadena and I’m falling asleep on the freeway in the middle of the day. I make it home around 4:30 and sleep till 6:00. I have to be back in Hollywood for my scene study class at 7:00-10. I make it through class and then head to our after class chill spot franks. I give my friend his bottle of ocean vodka and he about falls over. I have a couple beers and I’m totally done. I make it home take out my contacts and pass out cold.




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