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Trip: Benefits of Buying Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Written by jamesAiello show jamesAiello profile

Monday October 1 2018 06:51:57 AM

Date: from Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 1, 2018

Surf trip description:


Diamonds with small imperfections [inclusions] not visible to naked eye, still receives high clarity grade. Surprised? Actually, the diamonds have undergone clarity enhancement process. In this process, the diamond is heated for more than 600 degrees, which is followed by inserting silicone-like liquid. The infinitesimal internal crack immediately bonds with the liquid. The light can now pass directly through it instead of reflecting off it. The stone beauty and clarity grading increase this process.


Diamond jewellery is very desirable but pricey. Consumers can very well opt for clarity diamond stud earrings because the price is significantly less. There are many other benefits of buying clarity enhanced diamond studs.


Big stones within budget

Large carat diamond of 1K to 2K are not within consumer’s budget. To stay within budget, they will need to sacrifice colour or clarity grading of the diamond this size. However, clarity enhanced diamonds will cost them 30% - 50% less for a similar weight, colour, and clarity. Therefore, when you buy diamond earrings then look for clarity enhanced diamonds to increase your budget and buy impressive looking diamond jewellery.


No sign of treatment

Clarity enhanced diamonds will be like other diamonds. It means the secret of purchasing clarity enhanced diamond lies between the buyer and the jeweller. Moreover, you have large budget to buy big and noticeable stud earrings, which would not be possible with non-enhanced diamonds.


Retains natural state

The filing amount used during clarity enhancement process is minute and does not impact their clarification as genuine, natural diamonds. They are 100% natural diamonds.



Having large diamond stone in your earrings is an attractive thing because they get noticed easily from afar. Large stones mean more sparkle. Clarity enhancement process ensures that there is no inclusion left, which can dampen the sparkle produced by the stone. When light rays pass through cracks rather than reflecting off giving visually better sparkle and clarity.


Enduring enhancement

It is assumed that overtime clarity enhancement treatment disappears. Actually, the filing will have an effect only when the diamond is exposed to extreme heat of jeweller’s torch or acid used for re-cutting. Customers are advised to inform their jeweller, when diamond is sent for cleaning or re-setting.


Easy cleaning

Diamonds studs can be easily cleaned at home by using warm water and mild soap. Allow the earrings to soak for 15 minutes and with soft toothbrush scrub away dirt, if any.  Stud setting is more delicate than diamond, so carefully clean it so as not to damage the metal.


Extra treatments

If you look to buy earrings online with fancy coloured diamond than consider HPHT colour treated or irradiated stones. These options will help you save even more. You can save 60% on diamonds with large carat weight undergone irradiated as well as clarity enhancement process.


What average clarity improvement is achieved using clarity enhancement process?

Clarity enhancement process is capable of improving diamond clarity by 2 to 3 grades. For instance, 1K pear shaped H-12 diamond can be upgraded to S-12 clarity.

Clarity enhanced diamond can hold their value and even insurance companies recognize them and insure it.


Modified: Monday October 1 2018 06:51:57 AM
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