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Viaje: How to write speech writing about your hobby

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Wednesday 23 October 2019 14:08:33

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Writing speeches might be the most exciting college assignment you encounter. The entire process is very complex even for the professional service writer. It doesn’t require using writing skills only. Depending on the topic and your creativity, you are free to use many speech writing resources to make your speech sound engaging and complete. However, what if the custom topic you got is about your hobbies?

Well, that the easiest one to work on! Let’s see three magic tips to make everybody take up your hobby after a stunning presentation!


1. Begin with a hook

A hook is a core introduction fragment. It’s an informational bait that will make your audience want to listen to your speech till the very end. As a rule, this can be a joke, fun fact, rhetoric question, or a short story.


Around 45 million Americans have at least one bicycle ride a year. When I was 10, I joined their number. Till I turned 11, I broke my wrist, then a leg, and then my father’s bike. So, he decided, that 45 million people won’t notice the loss of such a precious sportsman. I left and joined the knitting club. And here we go – look at the collection of my scarves!

2. Tell stories

Storytelling is the best option for the body part of your speech. Luckily, it comes one of the academic success strategies, so using it in your essay will look professional. Put a story into every paragraph, tell about the different aspects of your hobby, use someone’s quotes.


 My mom didn’t enjoy me playing drums in her garage.

 Once, my mom, the most patient and tolerant woman I’ve ever known, entered the garage. Telling from the way she looked (and she looked furious) I could tell that I’m in trouble. She said: “Son, either you move out with your drums or I make your drums move out without you”.


3. Make your audience empathize

The main rule of a professional storyteller is to make their stories vivid. Words come as your heavy weapon here, and you can google some samples from speech writing services to get some ideas in this regard. The more adjectives you add, the more emotions you describe, the bigger are the chances to make your listeners wear your shoes in their head.


 I feel really excited when flying on my jet

 Do you remember the feeling before your first flight? Exciting yet terrifying a bit. Sweaty palms, shaking knees... This is what I experience weekly when having flights above those mountains.


People love talking about themselves. The only thing you should do is shape your stories, so they fit the format of your assignment. By writing an unusual speech and presenting it, you’ll start loving your hobby even more. So sit down, relax, and start recalling all the fun episodes that you’d like to share with the people in front of you.

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