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Viaje: What an essay in APA format should look like

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Tuesday 29 October 2019 09:06:44

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It isn’t a secret for students that academic papers can be formatted according to various requirements and guidelines. APA, for instance, refers to the American Psychological Association, which was responsible for publishing its own guide to formatting.

Now, students all across the globe use it in various disciplines to format their academic works, reference pages, and in-text citations. Also, it is worthy of a notion that APA is somewhat unique in comparison with other formatting guides, even in terms of the basic requirements. So, just read on to get acquainted with the essentials of APA in academic writing.


Some students assume that formatting is a matter that can be easily glossed over, especially concerning brief essay assignments. The problem with this opinion is that instructors and editors have stringent guidelines of APA style, which require compliance with official rules and regulations. As advised by competent individuals from essay citation services, APA isn’t that troublesome for students. More precisely, they claim that essential features are:

● Running head at the top left of any page

● The page number on the top right corner

● Title page, which includes a title, name, and educational affiliation

● Reference list with its own guidelines

● Times New Roman 12 font size

By keeping in mind those basics, you would be able to format your essay, especially by comparing your draft to the provided sample papers in APA style.

And what about abstract?

We should have already mentioned that this style is unique to other formatting styles because of including an abstract. This section serves as being a summary of the key points revealed in your paper. However, you should remember about a general hint of the APA format, which states that you should be busy writing paper abstract only after you finished your paper already. This recommendation, advised by APA paper writing service professionals, is useful in terms of crafting your abstract once you’re finished with all the other elements in the paper. When it comes to writing an abstract, this feature is a unique characteristic of the APA format, which should be written by yourself.


Regarding the structure of your written work, we commonly advise sticking to the guidelines of your educational affiliation or specific assignment instructions. APA, as a format, has no clear regulation of how should you structure the headings and subheadings. Even though you are obliged to learn everything about those headings and subheadings in terms of format, you are almost unlimited in the flexibility of structuring your essay.

However, we commonly recommend sticking to the conventional introduction-body-conclusion format, which best suits the academic assignments for undergraduates and graduates. In case you have any issues with structuring, you should review the recommendations voiced by professional essay writing service, which emphasizes the need for making writing style explicit and straightforward.

Outline and reference page

Students, who got used to scheming a brief outline, are curious about how to format it properly in APA style. The point is that the process of writing a paper in this style would impose no limits in terms of including an outline. Yet, you should be aware of the table of contents page, which might technically be associated as being an APA research paper outline. So, you should be careful while designing your outline, which would require to ask your instructor how to format it according to APA style.

If to review a reference page, the formatting requirements aren’t that strict, especially in terms of in-text citations. Since it would take hours for us to reveal all the details of this style, we rather prone to advise you about visiting the official website of the American Psychological Association.

Final Remarks

Concluding, an APA style is an essential format in contemporary academic writing. Since a wide range of sciences uses it as their preferred style, including psychology (obviously), social sciences, nursing, and education, its role should in the academic discourse mustn’t be underestimated.

Although the rules and regulations of it might be a bit odd from the first glance, a sneak peek on its official guidelines might actually clarify all the nuances easily. So, be sure to get acquainted with the official guides and sample papers in APA style in order to make your psychology assignments flawless in terms of the format.

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