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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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  • 13 oct 
    [ Comentario ] El Salvador . thank you guys, found a lot of useful information!
  • 13 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Norway Thanks to this forum. I really like this forum as this is the place where I get all the info about Surfing. Nidhi Company registration [...] Más...
  • 13 oct 
    [ Comentario ] India Surfing needs to be expanded. The surfing event in India needs to be expanded. India has such a large coastline but it is not utilized in proper manner. The Sea along Moun [...] Más...
  • 13 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Benin Africa has a big potential. The continent of Africa has a great potential in case of water surfing and it helps in recreational activity.  Más...
  • 13 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Algeria I love surfing. I started loving the surfing the day I watched Point Blank movie. I am lucky that I am a member of such a great platform. But surfing activity do causes pollution in water body like  Más...
  • 12 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Cameroon . Your blog have great facts, I were given exact thoughts from this extremely good blog. i'm constantly searching like this kind weblog publish. i'm hoping i am able to see all over again your put up. F [...] Más...
  • 11 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Oman survey remover. here is the online survey remover product
  • 11 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Puerto Rico . Conducting the Rincón economic surfing analysis was an instrumental step in developing a broad coaltion in the greater Rincón area for preserving the surfing beaches, from the fishing community up t [...] Más...
  • 10 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Oman Check the weather before decide to surf in Oman. as in oman some times get bad current not safe for surfing and either the locals they don't know any thing about surfing so becareull from (sharks and currents)
  • 10 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Kuwait Skim board surf. hey , I usually surf in Balajat burger king best location every day good shallow water and perfect for skim boarding their check my insta and youtube for the videos AKH_Voyager
  • 10 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Bali Interesting place for surfing.. Very interesting this place ! Sure, I'll go for my next vacation.
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Mauritius 4x4 rental mauritius. anyone looking for a 4x4 to rent in Mauritius, please do contact me on my mail add, thanks
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Western Sahara I want be there.. I want be there. It one of my dreams. I need use help writing english paper to have more time and go there.
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Algeria Deals & Online Offers. This is an informative post review. I am so pleased to get this post article and nice information.Thanks for sharing with us. Save more with Más...
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] French Polynesia Write my Coursework. How did all of you get the opportunity to convey your sheets down to tahiti-moorea. Im goingthere for my wedding trip next nov 08 and on air tahiti I see tha they dint enable you to bring your board.< [...] Más...
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Algeria Coursework Help. The idea behind Coursework Help is to help students with the problems they face in their academic writing. We have the experience of more than 5 year [...] Más...
  • 09 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Taiwan obat endang telinga pecah. Cara Menyembuhkan Gendang Telinga Yang Pecah
  • 08 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Algeria Nice. google
  • 06 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Punta mita the main 3 breaks in Punta Mita. There are 3 mean breaks in Punta Mita behind the gate. All 3 breaks are better on a bit of a higher tide because they are all rocky. When it is smaller you can surf on the lower tide. Curvas is in fr [...] Más...
  • 06 oct 
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  • 06 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Seaside :). just bring 5 friends out, nobody will screw with u. thats what the dorks do down here. and leave a guy with your car.
  • 04 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Australia Great. Love here
  • 04 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Spain Great. I am here
  • 04 oct 
    [ Comentario ] Taiwan Obat proteinia. Obat proteinuria
  • 03 oct 
    [ Comentario ] UK Water Surfing - Best Activity Ever. Indeed, Water surfing is really an adventurous and interesting hobby. It helps the surfer to learn the lesson to be clever and ready for every challenges coming in to their ways.  Más...

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