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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Leroy777 , 20 oct

Africa - I visit Africa many time in my life and this happens due to office work.I travel for essay service review in different places so I promote education all around the world.

Por jk , 20 oct

Nice - abc Nice one,,

Por surfingabon , 18-08-2009

Infos svp - Bonjour,
Je pense venir à Pointe-Noire courant Septembre pour rendre visite à de la famille. J'ai vu de belles photos et j'ai remarqué que sur certaines vous étiez en combi...Est-ce que je devrais en amener une? Aussi, je n'ai pas vu beaucoup de droites...Y a-t-il des spots ou il y en a?
Merci de votre réponse...Particulièrement si c'est des locaux. J'espère bien me faire des potes là-bas!
A bientôt! Bonjour du Gabon!

Por Anonymous , 25-07-2009

Need Congo info - I'm considering a few days in the Congo on my African surf trip. Any bros can help with some sage advice on Pointe Noire please give me a shout shark_bait752000 at yahoo.


Por Anonymous , 13-09-2008

opinion - not a class wave,but many beach break,and few points breaking all year round.safe country,but not for french who work for total,and spend nothing in the country,and still beleive its their colony.so,come with a soul surfer,and you'll enjoy.no surfboard?we'll find for you.la Pyramide is the place.Best atmosphere in town.The Prophet

Por Anonymous , 31-03-2008

amener votre propre planche... - Je veux simplement avertir les gens que surtout ne vous fiez pas a "La Pyramide" pour vous louer une planche de surf. Ceci dis ca vaut la peine de surfer a la cote sauvage si on passe a Pointe-Noir pour d'autres motifs tel que business...mais je ne ferais pas un voyage special pour surfer...

Por kignol , 17-07-2006

Congo is not a dangerous country when you 're not stupid - Si, have you ever spent any time in congo before adding message? you might be Us citizen to think that you need bullet proof jacket to travel in africa !!!!!!

Por cool_sympa4@hotmail.com , 26-11-2005

Ineed informations. - Hi everyone, Please, I'd like you send me the adress and contacts of Congo federation of surfing. Thank you very much.

Por Si , 13-11-2004

Really? - I assume if the world tour is coming they will be giving them bullet proof vests! Not the safest place in the world, if your going to put your life at risk on a surf trip you might aswell go out drowning at Teahupoo. I suppose a bit of gunfire will instill some adrenaline whilst surfing 1ft waves.

Por mike@attockweb.com , 31-05-2004

GOOD SPOT - very good spot for us to surf.
World tour is looking to come here.

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