Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Fast hollow waves, warm water and uncrowded. Frequent onshore winds, lack of spots and lack of swelle (sometimes).

Surfer's should feel welcome at Mozambique. There are campsites and small bungalows right on the best beaches, local good vibes in the market, and plenty of surf if you come the right time of year. The best time is early winter from April to August, when low tides occur in the morning (eg. every 2nd week). Its best to bring all your food etc from Manguzi, South Africa, as local prices are a bit high.

Pay attention to malaria and AIDS.

Ubicación: South-eastern Africa, bordering the Mozambique Channel, between South Africa and Tanzania
Coordenadas geográficas: 18° 9' S, 35° 0' E
Km de línea costera: 2,470 km km
Clima: tropical to subtropical
Terreno: mostly coastal lowlands, uplands in center, high plateaus in northwest, mountains in west
Cumbres: highest point: Monte Binga 2,436 m
Riesgos naturales: severe droughts; devastating cyclones and floods in central and southern provinces
Moneda: metical (MZM)
Población: 19,406,703
Lenguas: Emakhuwa 26.1%, Xichangana 11.3%, Portuguese 8.8% (official; spoken by 27% of population as a second language), Elomwe 7.6%, Cisena 6.8%, Echuwabo 5.8%, other Mozambican languages 32%, other foreign languages 0.3%, unspecified 1.3%
Capital: Maputo
División administrativa: 10 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia), 1 city (cidade)*; Cabo Delgado, Gaza, Inhambane, Manica, Maputo, Cidade de Maputo*, Nampula, Niassa, Sofala, Tete, Zambezia

Más detalles

Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/Dec
Best Surfing Season
Typical Swell Size
Surf Equipment Boardshorts Boardshorts Shorty Shorty Boardshorts Boardshorts
Water temp. 25°C
Air temp. 27°C

Variaciones por estaciones de oleaje y de viento

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (14)
Calidad Dirección Tipo Frecu Experiencia
Barra 3 / -
Derecha y izquierda Banco de arena Todos los surfistas
Guinjata Bay - / -
Derecha Arrecife de corales Todos los surfistas
Inhambane - / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Surfistas con experiencia
Jangamo Beach 1 / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
Maragra 3 / -
Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera Todos los surfistas
Mussage 2 / -
Derecha y izquierda Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
pomene 3 / -
Derecha Banco de arena Todos los surfistas
Ponta do Ouro 5 / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
Ponta Mamoli - / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
Ponta Zavora 2 / -
Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera Todos los surfistas
Praia Morrungulo - / -
Derecha Rompiente orillera Todos los surfistas
Pringles 1 / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
Shark Bait Reef 1 / -
Izquierda Arrecife de rocas Surfistas con experiencia
Tofinho 9 / -
Derecha Arrecife de corales Surfistas con experiencia


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Ponta do ouro

Ponta do ouro


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Ponta do Ouro
Por 24th Fret
15 nov 2007

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