Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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South Africa, South J Bay

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Por Anonymous , 17-03-2009

surf trip to jbay.......... - i,m spanish surfer, i,ve been to jbay4 times in abril.but now i wanna come in october. i,d like to know about the surf conditions at this time? please a,d appreciate any info.

Por Anonymous , 25-08-2007

Im travelling around that area at the end of august and looking for a small beach break that i can have fun on and rent a board and wetsuit! Which breaks to go to PLEASE HELP DONT WANNA GET THERE AND NOT BE ABLE TO SURF........Just a beginner.....THANKS

Por Anonymous , 10-08-2007

Reply to SA in OZ - Thanks mate. If that was a cat, or a seal...I'd hate to see the size of the budgies!!

Por ben wpsurf , 24-05-2007

Surf photos - If you were in J-Bay september 2006, I may have snapped you, check wpsurf.com and do a search, it got quite chunky at the end of the month,so there are a couple of nice shots.

Cheers Ben

Por SA in OZ , 13-12-2006

thanks mate - To the guy asking about the creature i think thats probably a seal of some kind or maybe a big arse ferral cat. And thanks to ozsurfer thats what these chat rooms are meant for!

Can't wait to go back to SA and see this wave but since im a durbanite thats gonna be a trip.

Por ozsurfer , 13-09-2006

One of the world's best pointbreaks - J-Bay is a very long pointbreak (about 1-1.5km), on flat-lying slate (not volcanic rock as most guides say), that can be divided into several sections:

Boneyards: basically the very top of the point. Breaks very hard and fast way out the back on bigger swells, and hopefully you link up with Supers. It's a heavier wave than Supers.

Supertubes: the main event at J-Bay, sand over rock. Long-walled, fast, perfect, hollow waves, with barrels possible all the way along, but more often towards the end. The wave tends to 'slide' along the point, dissipating the whitewash for easier duck dives and focusing the energy on the breaking wave. The wall seems to keep coming up at you faster than you expect. The tubes usually need to be ridden high in the pocket. Sets can break wide on bigger days. When it's really big, the wave has been known to link up all the way to the town beach, through several sections, for a ride of about 1-1.3km+, but on a decent 6 foot+ day the waves are usually about 400m+ long. Tales of 4 or 5 minute rides are exagerated, to get all the way to the end of the long point (which is very rare) is about a 2 minute+ ride, and it needs to be 10 foot+. 'Supers' is definitely one of the best points in the world.

Salad Bowls and Tubes: there are several sections between the main wave at 'Supertubes' and 'the Point' further down, which work during different tides and swells. Tubes is a barrel that works on medium size swells about 600m+ down from the top of Supertubes.

The Point: fat, slow moving wave, that wraps into a little cove at the end of the long point, for about 150m. Holds some size, but doesn't have the barrels or the class of Supers.

Albatross: inconsistent final section on sand over reef, way down in front of the beach and across from 'the Point'. Needs bigger swells, and apparently gets good.

Por Flashback?? , 14-08-2006

Question - I know I'll get a ribbing for this, but I have a question. I stayed at Jeffreys in April and on one particular morning, I got up at dawn and started walking from the point towards supers. Then I noticed something crawl out of a storm water drain pipe and headed into the bushes just near the carpark at the point. It was about the size of a medium sized dog, dark in colour, had a skinny tail (like a cat) and big whiskers. I freaked when I saw it, but when I asked the guys that I was surfing with - what it may've been...I just got a look of "go eat some more mushies man..." So I'm just wondering if anybody else has seen these critters at the bay. My only guess would be a sea otter, but damn it was big!
By the way James - Mexico's looking sweet these days mate...and heir apparent I might add!

Por James , 09-08-2006

Seaside - join the queue - Many point breaks have been compared to J-Bay, just as many bands have been compared to the Beatles. In both cases none of the pretenders to the throne, have succeeded in becoming the new yardstick.

Since I first surfed J-Bay in 1977 I have witnesses the following waves compared to J-bay (or a section from J-bay):
Sunwich port KZN, SA
Breezy point, Transkei, SA
Elands Bay, SA
Lobos, Canary islands
Thurso East, Scotland
Chicama (sp), West Java
Temae, French Polynesia (a stupid comparison since unlike Supers, Temae is thick, heavy and unforgiving)
Many others .....
And now Seaside

Por Shark-less , 01-08-2006

Sharks? - Someones pulling your leg. There is not a shark issue at supers. I have never even seen one there. Some other spots like keurbooms on the otherhand do have a risk. It also handles quite big swell well well above the tiny 3m indicated.

Por Justin , 26-06-2006

You've got a J-Bay.....in the USA!!! - Finally got a chance to surf this place last year and it really is an excellent wave.....one of the best in the world for sure. But, damn, i spent A TON OF MONEY for the trip!!! No disrespect to the place, but why break the bank for a trip to J-Bay when you've got an equally epic wave right here in the USA? It's called Seaside Point in Oregon. Just as good as J-Bay and it's right in our own back yard!!! Another great thing about Seaside: When it's 'crowded' there are 15-20 guys out!!! I grew up and learned how to surf in Hawaii, and i can tell you: Seaside Point in Oregon ranks right up there with the best waves in the world.....easily in the top 20, no doubt. Check out some of the pics of the place......SICK!!! Just a little advice, the rest is up to you. Aloha

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