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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por CostaRicaSurfer , 29-05-2012

GG - I'll be flying to Dar in mid-July. Does anyone who lives there want me to buy a board here in California and sell it to them there? It would cost about $600 for a quality used board. (traveling with them is expensive)

Por masebu , 27-05-2012

Surf in dar - Guys recently moved to Dar and i am a novice. I would really appreciate if i could get surf buddies who can help me up my game! NB: i havent surfed here yet til now! get at me!

Por Anonymous , 07-11-2008

Tanzania surfing - Guys, i surfed sea cliff and oyster bay in 2000/2001 and was alone all the time, the army used to get bummed because at seacliff i walked through their training area.

Por Anonymous , 05-10-2008

Bad year - I have been surfing Coco beach for three years. Unfortunately, this year is very bad year! Surf season is almost ending but NO big swell coming in. 1-3 ft. all this season around. It seems small rany season started so we won't get big swell until stome season.

Por Thomas Maddens , 28-04-2008

10 feet!!!??? - Also, it never quite hits ten feet...It once got pretty close with a hurricane past Zanzibar, but it usually sticks around 5-6 feet- solid, chilled long-boarding waves... You do not need to be very experienced to surf either coco-beach or sea-cliff...

Por Thomas Maddens , 28-04-2008

it was surfed before that.... - My bro and I surfed coco-beach long before that...we surfed it in 2003... We go almost every week at least once cause we live right across the street (toure drive)... Its getting big again now that the rainy season is calming down a bit...This week'll definitely be a good time to surf it.

Por g , 01-02-2008

going to tanzania... - i'm planning a surf-trip to tanzania for mid 2008, i guess it should be the rains season there ...but actually i don't know if that's better or worst for surf (for sure is better to see wild animals before they leave up to kenya). swells should grow bigger during the rains? or it is going just to be onshore? any info about climate, hazards (full of sharks for sure) etc. will be really appreciated. also lookin for a travelmate, cause i'm going alone (again)

Por Anonymous , 24-07-2006

coco beach gets big - coco beach, also oyster bay beach hits into the 10 feet when there are storms either off Madagascar, or further north in kenya. the water hits a channel of reef between zanzibar and the mainland and sends water into the beach. sea cliff point can also get big when the tide is coming in but not as powerfull as coco beach can get. definalty a place to come check out. It's actually only been surfed for the first time last month (june 2006) so come on down...

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