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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por jbaylolo , 18-10-2007

Surf en Tunisie ? - Bonjour,
Je viens de faire un bref passage en Tunisie, il m'a semblé qu'il pouvait y avoir du surf, je ne lis que des commentaires négatifs, mais il y a forcement du swell qui rentre par le détroit de Gibraltar, et forcément des vagues à surfer, suivant la configuration des fonds. Si quelqu'un peut m'éclairer un peu sur les spots éventuels aux alentours de Tunis, c'est avec plaisir, merci.
I've just had a short trip to Tunisia, and it looks as if it might be surfable somewhere. I've only read negative or bas comments about that, but I'm sure there's a spot to surf, even if it's not that good. Well, if you know something positive, please, let me know...Thank you

Por ail99825@hotmail.com , 09-01-2007

from a tinisien - there's no surf in tunisia, winter wind swell that's all
there's only one country in north africa that has surf and that's morocco.please deilist tunisia from the atlas

love adil

Por Keupe , 18-10-2006

Kelibia - Further to the 1st comment posted for Kelibia, I'd like to mention that Tabarka and Kelibia are 2 different location, been to Kelibia begining of October 2006, beautiful beach but not sure it can surfed...

Por Anonymous , 23-06-2006

- good surf in tabarka in the winter.i have some good photos of it but not digital,cannot put on this site.also good left point/reef break just around the corner of tunis yacht harbour

Por anonymous , 01-06-2006

- Hello,
Does anyone have any photos of this spot they can put on this site?

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