Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por SimonBaldwin , 26-11-2018

Beautiful Bangladesh - I Love this Country..

Por Surfing Bangladesh , 11-01-2012

Greetings from Surfing in Bangladesh ............... ! ! - Greetings from Surfing in Bangladesh ............... ! !

Por PHANTOM2008 , 28-10-2009

accommodation in coxs bazar !!! - hello there enrique... how ya doin ??? i have only one place that i thoroughly recommend if your in coxs, and that place is hotel MISHUK !!! the staff are all legends :D... so friendly and helpful... it has the best views of the beach and cheaper than alot of the big hotels along the beach area... very comfortable rooms... get the ocean facing rooms ... you gotta do a bit of friendly negotiating with the manager and my friend hubert.... please ask for hubert purification and he will sort you out... tell him his very good friend NEIL from england made the recommendation..... they will make your stay memorable.... enjoy your time there .....cheers !!!

Por Enrique , 20-10-2009

surf in Cox bazar - hey guys, there's a lot of agro there about who's been where surfing etc. I just wanna know where I can arrive to a beach hotel or surf camp in Cox bazar,, I'll be stuck in Daca for three days as Airline crew, so I intend to take a flight there and hopefully find someone to lend me or rent me a surfboard. Oh, I'm an International surfer from Hawaii. Thanks,,, Enrique

Por PHANTOM2008 , 02-04-2009


Por Anonymous , 31-03-2009

surf !!! - hey, thanks for the info phantom2008...sounds like a great place to explore. whats the waves like may-june ?? and who was that anonymous idiot in the comments ??? i guess there,s always one eh ??? thanks again.

Por jyotish , 18-03-2009

Bangladesh Classic will be held on November - Hi everyone!!

This is my pleasure to announce that the first Bangladesh Classic will be held on November 2009 in Cox’s bazaar and other unexplored surfing points of Bangladesh.
Event Detail will be announced soon......................cheers!

Por PHANTOM2008 , 15-03-2009

- ok, well, nice to see your reply...i spent 2 weeks in cox's bazar hanging out with jafar and his mates...he is the first bangladesh surfer and your right, he is no longer the only one since he has taught his friends how to surf. there are now 7 keen everyday surfers such as ramjan and aziz...there are now maybe 40 in total now including many young girls who all live in the bahar chara area...i was fortunate enough to spend time with all the crew there and to see how surfing has given them a new stoke in life.... before i departed, jafar asked me to help him spread the word about surfing bangladesh as there is pretty much no info. at all on the net. he gave me all the best photos he had from his bedroom computer and downloaded them for me onto a storage stick. 2 friends of jafar living in dhaka, helal and ripon are at present trying to promote jafar and surfing ...great plans ahead , eg. boat trips to many of the country,s untapped islands.. these guys have visited many of these remote islands and have witnessed good surf. i am now involved with these guys and told them i would do my best to help them... i have a long list of breaks right in front of me that have probably never been surfed...and by the way... i do not travel with guide books and have not purchased surf mags for years now as they are usually full of crap. i have been a surfer for 38 years . started when i was 4. have travelled this world searching for waves for over 20 years. i have been totally against surf mags revealing new found discoveries as i have seen what has happened to alot of these places over the years, but with bangladesh i am happy to help these guys... this country needs a tourist infrastructure, and with the wealth of surf it has, this could attract many travelling surfers in the future. and all the guys and girls who,s life has been transformed by surfing there in cox's bazar they all want to see visiting surfers go there and experience something very different.... i live in the surf capital of the uk.. newquay ,cornwall and spreading the word about bangladesh here alone could attract so many people, weather it be a stopover en route to another asian destination , or like myself , to go there with the intention of exploring that country only... i did send an e mail to jafar after reading your response and asked him to write a comment or two on it... it was with jafars wishes that i posted the photos...... cheers

Por Anonymous , 15-03-2009

- Well phantom008 at least you admit that you didn't actually take the photos and that they're not yours to steal and post where you like.

I have met Jafar on several occassions whilst working in Bangladesh on various journalistic and photographic jobs. If you do know Jafar then you'll also know that he's not the only surfer in the country. The first yes, but not the only.

Unlike you I haven't spent a month exploring Bangladesh for waves - rather I spent four months. I am, you're correct, only an armchair surfer who wishes he'd been exploring for waves. An armchair surfer whose material you have probably read and used on many occassions whilst exploring for waves yourself - take the latest surferspath with the Bangladesh story i wrote in it for example, or maybe the lonely planet guides you use that I have written...

If you really have been to Bangladesh surfing then good on you, but please refrain from posting photos that are not yours on random websites - not that you're the first person to steal my photos and put them on this website.

Anyway i must get back to my google earth now so I can pretend to have been too other places....

Por PHANTOM2008 , 15-03-2009

- yeah, there is always one fuckwit out there who clearly has no idea !! just to let you know mr. anonymous, the photos that i have were given to me by jafar alam , the country,s only surfer. i spent over a month exploring this beautiful country for surf unlike you mr. anonymous who obviously is an armchair surfer who sits in front of his computer each day scanning google earth ,pretending and wishing he,d been to many of these places. and just to let you know, one of the photos is cox's bazar, the other is a few km south at a place called himcharri... so now you can get back to your google earth and wish and pretend you,ve been there.....phhhhhh....yep....fuckwit !!!

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