Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Indonesia, Bali

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Por kokitosurf , 17-08-2014

help! - Had a really good surf at airports left yesterday until an idiot hit me with his longboard. Anyway, there was this surf photographer I think he was called kenji, he took some good photos of me but i cant find his website, anybody can help?

Por Harry cottrell , 17-03-2009

question - Hi i'm 11 and looking for reef break to get started on. I surfed at the Niko bali but now i want some more serious surfing. Any sugestions on where to go. please send info to hazza_surf12@hotmail.com or i'll frequently check this page.

Por anonymous , 24-03-2006

SERANGEN vs THE REEFS - whats get bigger serangan or these stretch of reefs( Kuta reef, middle reef, Auport left, Aiport right)

Por anonymous , 23-12-2005

Airport Lefts - I surfed out airport left some years ago. Dont bother paddling its too far. There are two peaks on the wave, dont take the inside one!! The day I surfed it was about 4-5ft and really good long waves. A great option when Kuta reef has 400 people out.

Por Barry from South Africa , 01-06-2005

airport lefts - We stayed @ Balihai, take binoculars to see the crowd, otherwise get out there real early & you will score this with not many guys. We got some good lefts here ranging from 3ft to 8ft. Had a very good early morning surf with five other Japs, they are not hoggs like some other nations.

Por anonymous , 12-03-2005

- Not exactly true that it is rarely crowded. On a good day it can get a little aggro. Sort of disappointing if you can't see the crowd from the beach. Fun wave though, and often good in the dry season. Easy to poach a five diamond hotel pool after a surf too. Watch the boat captains that will try to burn you. Ask another surfer the max you should pay. They are pretty good about coming back to pick you up though.

Por brad , 01-08-2004

airport lefts - to the guys that paid 35000RP who got ripped off and the break is so good when there is no wind and no one out

Por anonymous , 28-07-2004

amazing when empty - Surfed Lefts 2 weeks ago. was a sick wave until the crowds came out. Good fast barrel sections with an open face to trhow lots of turns.

Por anonymous , 15-05-2004

- hey is this spott always bigger than legian or kuta beach?

Por anonymous , 11-05-2004

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