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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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Por speed racer (the cold one) , 11-06-2005

susumu is ok - news on susumu is he is walking slowly. Has been in rehab in japan. Now he is resting in Phillipines with his girl Virgie. He will surf again one day. It will take time. And one thing Susumu has is patience.Look at his days on the point. Hanging out feral like no other.
Get well Susumu, your a true desert point local

Por abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz , 26-05-2005

pretty DAM SHALLOW - do you know at low tide at desert point it is so shallow that at some parts of the wave, the lip is crunching on dry reef. so my advise is take your booties.

Por anonymous , 21-05-2005

samurai - Any news on sasumo?

Por Speed Racer (not the bald one) , 27-04-2005

- oh ,lord help me get rid of these constant thoughts I'm happy about long clean barrels, cold binnies at Haji's and those lovely sweet sweet girls of the Gigi.
I pray to you oh Lord please set me free

Por Captain Bintang , 09-04-2005

- What about the Crack You know your hooked on the crack Speedracer. Icey fingerprints at hogi's. If you give up it means they won.

Por speed racer , 04-04-2005

- Desert Point is a hoax. I'm never going back.
ps Randy the bintangs are all yours

Por Mellon Head W.A. , 23-03-2005

crook in the brook - it is true what skipper says I was there yesterday
bloody reef is gone I surfed it like 3 years ago going off
now it's totaly stuffed, There having like 4 small earthquakes a day there, I am going back to Lakeys

Por anonymous , 07-03-2005

Desert Point - Skipper is talking bull, was at Desert Point yesterday and the area is not affected by the earthquake etc, plenty of boats around but no surf due to the winds at the moment

Por anonymous , 19-02-2005

- shuddup your face! Bali & Lombok were not touched!

Por Skipper , 13-01-2005

Earth Quake Damage - I went to desert point one week after the earth quake. The place is a wreck. It looks like the reef sunk 20 feet. I went there for a swell and even at low tide the waves went all the way to the beach and broke. Didn't even beak on the reef like the reef is gone. At high tide the waves flooded the car park and washed out trees and the water went and is washing into the old huts. Everyone was freaking. It's all over totally destroyed. This was a week after the earth quake.

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