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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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Por anonymous , 06-01-2005

because - it is called desert point because there is about fifty brazilians in the line up on every swell--add another 30 people on boats--another 15 crew that hang there AND thus you have deserto pointo

Por me , 27-12-2004

yo - why is it called desert point? anyone?

Por aza , 09-11-2004

- i have got the best life like surfing when its onshore sharing my girlfriend with my only mate. his only my mate becasue he cant see through me what i'm really like. any way i have an abnormally large jaw its grouse

Por aza , 08-11-2004

because - i luv the brazilians g's. men to

Por anonymous , 07-11-2004

gay brazillians?? - why do brazillians travel in groups??..because when g strings came out in brazil the guys wore them to...

Por jars1008@hotmail.com , 19-07-2004

heaps cool - i love the look of it ha good righter hander

Por speed racer , 15-07-2004

randy dale rips - Dude I just got back from 2 days at desert point and there was this guy surfing this fish like board with a snake on the bottom and he was rippin. On the section the locals (kev) call cracks shorey he was going upside down. If any of you out there get a chance, go surf deserts man it's sick, go for it.
ps if you see a bald headed kook out there fade him.

Por mortitius , 02-04-2004

no title - yes, it does get bigger than 10' and is, of course, still ridable.
but the best surfers say it's at it's best when it's 4 to 6 foot.
there's only one 'legal' place to stay in labuan poh near bangko2
called Suleimans. But beware!! there's always stuff going missing
there and the fact that Suleiman doesn't provide keys etc might
give evidence of where the stuffs going - particularly when he seems
to disappear the next morning after the robbery (to the markets at
sekatong to sell your goodies!)!! Take care and try a couple of other
little outlets on the same side of the street before and after Suleiman's.
The guy's a robber!

Por sharris77@hotmail.com , 30-03-2004

Yeah its ok - I was on the Patima with Jason and his girl from the goldcaost and a small guy from New Jersey who rode a 5`6"fish in everything! There was also two japs and a guy from San francisco. If you where on the boat give me a buzz. The little rippa from New jersy got a 8 - 10 second stand up pit and Jason got it on tape. He also put the pamela anderson porno on the end as an extra treat. Any way, I loaned the tape to a mate (Chris Tann from the Goldy) and he never gave it back. Needless to say, he is a pam fan! We scored a sick day there in late September, drove around to Scar a scored that pumping too. I love those spts, but the boys on the boat skunked us for chocolate. Thats ok though because as I remember I only payed $220AUS for ten days of barrels. Tubes is a cool place to hook up last minute trips! The boat didnt have a GPS, sounder, shower, radio or life boat but it did get us there and back!!!

Por machette man , 29-03-2004

nick smart is god (but not a dj) - nick is the best i've ever seen surf deserts. he has the place wired. not bad for a boy from timaru!

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