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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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Por sub human , 15-12-2003

no title - The best day I had at Deserts happened when there was this tiny cross chop running in four to five foot surf. Take off, pull in, here come the cross chop, do a top turn and pull in again, this time deeper, repeat, then the end section. three to four barrels per wave depending on whether you had enough speed for the last super shallow one.
Soo much fun and only three guys had it wired.
Next day it was 6-8ft and perfect. crowd behaviour was disgraceful. Aussie land based guys were the worst followed by the brazilians. Both worked in packs. The best surfers get the best waves but not at deserts.
PS Dickhead who wants to put up a massive hotel at Deserts. If I want to help the locals, I'll stay with them, pay them a good room rate and leave some extra cash, rice, clothes etc.
Your hotel looks like you're just helping yourself.

Por anonymous , 30-10-2003

Whak I reckon - Is that the ocean should be free for everyone to surf...shouldn't be owned by anyone. So if your going to try to put limits on a surf spot it might work for a while but not forever. Some day there will be roads and condo's and everyone. yadda yaddaaa.

Por the sun rises in the east. , 21-10-2003

70's freemen!! - we must return to localism to keep our way of life. we must punish those who are trend surfers. intimidate, abuse,punish!!! that is the foremost!!

Por N.M.Pombo, Portugal , 15-09-2003

D-land... joker - Surf camp crowds plus by land crowds (go tell the brasillians that they can`t surf if they dont pay the entrance... they whill match someting )plus Boat trips crowds (... it will affect the bissness of all that bali boat agents. Desert point is a very good thing they have to offer. They will not accept that easely...) plus some others ways to reach Bango-bango, local name for the palce in question ( The one that I will continue to use like this past couple of years since my nacionality was alloud to enter in Indo...)
Now thell them all they can not surf those endless walls unless they... you now... "PAY $$$... or get tha fuck out of here".
Thats way im saing... your a JOKER maith

Por anonymous , 11-08-2003

your all fuked up!! - if you are one of those people that say you got deserts over 7-8 your a tripper because when its that big it breaks of the reef and is shit, so learn how to judge the size of waves

Por anonymous , 07-08-2003

another D-land suggestion - limit the number of surfers. raise the price of admission. the 'backpacker' budget has had its day. if surfing's magic is to be resurrected, it will be in the form of controlled access. (nihiwatu has it figured out) surfers have clearly demonstrated that they cannot control themselves. they are a virus of global proportion.

Por Ultra Crowded , 17-07-2003

Ultra Crowded - Ultra Crowded

Por Probe , 04-07-2003

Desert Point is a human carpet - I reckon the Indo government should just blow that reef up. It's become an absolute fucking joke and if it's gone, there will be nothing to fight over. Surfing is a shadow of what it used to be these days. Anybody who started going to places like Indo after about 95'.....fuck, ya shoulda been there yesterday as they say......

Por has been , 02-07-2003

dp is a zoo - Well good luck on the camp--what are you going to do about the boats--each boat has on average 12 to 10 heads and on a swell expect anywhere between 3 to 6 boats---do the math---

Por ex-surfdog , 24-06-2003

retiring: need new hobby - I'm tired of surfing. Too many people, and it hurts alot when you get slammed on the reef, not to mention it's scary and people die every year doing it. Any suggestions for a retired surfer? Is needle point sewing fun?

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