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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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Por anonymous , 17-06-2003

D land idea - What about all the charter boats working the area?
With a camp and a dozen+ boats in the area the place will become a zoo.

Por anonymous , 17-06-2003

D land idea - You should have a office in Bali where surfers in Indo can book a trip last minute. Because the spot is so fickled everything will be done internet forcasting and by word of mouth.

Por IMGntb@telkom.net , 31-05-2003

D_Land Surf Camp - No longer will Deserts be overcrowded or hard to get to within a year there will be G-Land style camp and a road in. There will strict limits on amounts of people and no more access, by land anyway, when that limit is reached. I work for a company on Lombok which has within the last 3 weeks had the land released by the government and leased the 250 hectares around and including Deserts. A project will begin there in the next two months. I want some feedback ... what do you guys want there. Negatives are usless. it was bound to happen man and now it is so if youv'e got some positive feedback and ideas let me know. whingers need not apply. I've put ten hard years of livin nego into this with the Indo Gov and now have their backing and AUD $1.5 mil in infrasrtucture to enable theproject to go ahead. Anyone who has spent time there will; know how much the impoverished people there need this as well.
Rip in wadya reckon ?

Por STRNDSRFR@AOL.COM , 18-10-2002

Surfed The Sept 25th 26th swell from boat Coconut - Truly insane wave, was put to my test as to how deep does this backsider want to pull in. Only one hand gouge for me ...lucky. Broken boards and leashes for others. Solid six to eight foot backs throwing huge...easy not to wipeout in the danger zone but you gotta GO motherF#@ker. Two hospitalizations that swell...My heart goes out to Louis from Brazil (met him in airport two weeks later after two weeks in Singapore Hosp. he was flying back to Brazil needing serious atention. Lost an artery in leg as he dislocated his knee on the reef.)
The crowd was heavy...must have crowd skills. Tragedy has struck Bali and their tourism will be low. Lombok island is strictly muslim and it's unknown the amount of Radicals there. So please don't go there...looking for me!

Por indo explorer , 23-09-2002

soooooooo crowded - i surfed deserts just after sep 11 2001 no ne out 8-12 foot
i stayed there this year 2002 and there was not a day that it was ridiculously crowded average of 40 cunts at the take off zone then there are sly brazillians that just drop in even if you rip you are still going to get faded big time!

Por Jalang , 15-09-2002

Waves of my life - Nature definitely got it right here.
It's probably one of the few places that you can actually say that it really does lives up to all the hype! Sure there are crowds but I can guarantee you that just one Desert Point wave in a session will make the journey worthwhile.

Por BARNEY , 07-09-2002

BRAZILLIANS EAT SHIT - How the fuck can you think you own the place. Just because you can't travel on your own and need to surf in packs of 10-20, doesn't mean the waves are yours. Take your mochissmo bullshit back to Brazil and suck your papas cock!! Of course they aren't all bad, but the stereotypes come from somewhere don't they.

Por Rafael , 16-08-2002

Killer reef - That end section is fucking shallow, if you don´t get out of the barrel you´re going to eat big shit. The tube is square and you can´t pull off the wave because of the almost dry reef, so the only option it´s to get spit out of the barrel. I saw some guys wearing wetsuit only for the last section, but the wave worth it, ohhhh yeah

Por anonymous , 19-07-2002

Strange wave - Certainly a great one. We showed up, via a boat, as the tide was coming down from high tide. There was practially nothing. As the tide dropped the waves picked up, first little chest high mushies, then head high, then 2 feet overhead, etc. The tide must change 8 foot! And, the current is insane. This is one of the most dangerous shipping channels in the world. More water moves in and out (through the Lombok Channel) than almost anywhere else. I loved it. By the time it was overhead we had the place dialed and knew exactly where the barrel was. As far as crowds go, we were the only ones out (August). So, go charge mate.

Por Indo Jones , 17-06-2002

For the Adventurous - The land route can be very rewarding! Dont forget the mosquito net

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