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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 13-09-2009

dream come true - many places in the area were packed with boat travellers but honkies was often quite empty.. the inner break tubed nicely but closed out pretty quickly and was better for reall really advanced surfers.. if you dont get out in time you risk being tossed onto a bitchy little reef that looks harmless but totally causes damage to you and your board..

i played it safe and hung out mostly on the wave that came over the channel between the islands.. it was a nice long clean wall that gets bigger in the middle of your ride and basically delivers a whole extra ride..

when you get off your wave turn around quickly and reposition - ur likely to immediately surf another perfect wave..

the waves are super fast but take it chilled and ull totally enjoy.. its a dream..

the other thing to remember is that you should avoid paddling for the earlier waves in a set unless ur confident that theyre yours ifur going for the inner break.. otehrwise the rest of the set will smash you on the rocks..

if you do get thrown to the rocks paddle parallel to the waves until you hit the channel - not towards the waves.. theyre stronger than you and its safer to paddle outwards..

worthwhile studying the waves and taking it easy..

once you get it right its a ride to remember..

Por ak , 07-06-2007

fastist lefthader - Honkies is a bit faster than many breaks in the Maldives and fairly hollow on low tide. Fairly forgiving at higher tide. It walls up really well. A top spot.

Por Gary Cloete , 10-11-2005

Paradise for real - Had Honkeys going off for 3 days in a row. Myself and +- 4 others out. Warm water, glassy, 4-6ft solid dark lines wrapping round a small tropical island. Had one of the longest, most perfect waves of my life. Made all the travelling worthwhile. What a rush.

Por DaveCarv@mail.telepac.pt , 30-09-2005

Honkeys = extra fun ! - Oh man !!! Honkeys must be the most fun wave i ever surfed in my life, the waves makes such a big turn that when you finish your wave your 90 degrees diferent that when you catch it...it simply goes around the island :D amazing and unique :D ULTRA EXTRA FUN :)

Por happy camper , 27-07-2004

It is as good as you hear it is - Went to the Maldives in February 2004 for my honeymoon and just had a ball. Honkeys is truely a beautiful place to surf, it is not scary, easy take offs and as long a wave as you would want, remembering that you need to paddle back out. I too took my camera for a photo to show my mates back in Oz, but spent the whole time surfing that all I got was one of me on the boat back with the happiest grin on my face. BTW the wife was good with the set up as I would go for a surf in the morning and be back in the village for the rest of the day/night. If you have the money I would honestly recommend going and seeing the surf at this island that has Honkeys/Sultans, a perfect tear drop shape wave magnet. If I have the money I would go back there instead of Bali!

Por anonymous , 11-05-2004

THE GOOD LIFE - this was my favorite wave in the area, it has 250m variety with fast begining section then backing off a bit before walling up bigger and faster into the inside section. it is hard to kick out of the inside because you are right close to this paradise island riding a perfest wave along the shore but the water gets ever shallower and you have to tear yourself away or run out of room.... you can look at the light but dont get to close or it burns lol....

Por karteris , 17-03-2004

Parga surfers Greece - I was there nov 2002.i had the longest ride in my life.Great wave no crowds

Por Parto , 16-08-2003

Great Wave - Went to the Maldives for 3 weeks in Apr95 with 2 other Longboarders and surfed everyday. My pick of the waves was Honkeys with its long wall and bowling inside section, just awesome. Had it one day so glassy that it was like an aquaruiam and all you could see was the white water breaking to judge where the face was,it was that glassy.In 95 there were no crowds.Only from Tari village.

Por anonymous , 01-07-2003

YEah - There are no pictures...because you would have to be an idiot not to be out in the water!

Surfed for three hours with one other monkey in the water. Absolutley perfect!! Thank you SARS and George Bush for thinning the crowds.

Por andrew.farthing@miller-insurance.com , 11-06-2003

missed it - can't believe i sat at sultans or on the boat many a day and watched it wrap around the island, looking scruffy in the cross onshore wind. after getting bummed out by the crowds at sultans, i paddled round and probably had one of my best sessions while in the maldives, a bowl all the way down the line screaming "hit me, hit me!!" never had it glassy or offshore, but gimme some more this coming september!!

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