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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 10-02-2007

Amazing - Amazing Inside Bowl Session...hollow deep tubes that can scare the shit out of you !!! really hollow inside amazing :)

Por hoeflerhelga@hotmail.com , 17-11-2005

maafushi local-island - who can say me something about this local-island? I'm a foreigner and would like to visiting this island for few days. What i have to do? Thanks for answer.

Por Geel , 16-06-2005

If Jails is GIRIFUSHI - If "Jails" is referred here to the Girifushi Island then I don't think anybody can see any of the Maldivian Worst Criminals near 100 meters away as the spot is described in the spot page. As far as I know, Girifushi is nothing but a Military training camp. No criminals there. If its but Maafushi Island, then there are criminals.

Por anonymous , 06-11-2004

Jim - I was there in June this year, this wave is awesome. Most of the days we got there were 3-4 foot and it is fun as at this size, nice quick sections. Can get pretty hollow too. I broke a leash on a bigger day and had to walk over the reef (without booties) to the island to get my board back! If u go out for a dawny or a sunset surf, u can beat the crowds, as the hotel boats are not there. Got some 4-5 foot days at 6am with four other people out. Some of the locals absolute rip too, despite having boards that are not of the greatest quality... There was one local there doing the biggest backhand slashes i have ever seen, tweaked as fuck.

Por Crowded? Try Portugal , 08-10-2003

Probably the fastest wave in the north Male Atoll - In my opinion it's a perfect wave below 9 feet. I was there in days with 3-5 feet and you can have fun and in days with 8-9 feet. In the bigger days it can get scary, specially when you are surfing 8-9 feet waves and the surprise set comes in with 12 feet or more (I almost shit myself!). The problem is not the crowd, but the island itself. If you break the leash and your board goes to the island prepare to pay from 100-150 USD to get your board back from the prisioners. Otherwise say goodbye to your new board that you just bought to take for vacations in the Maldives.

Por anonymous , 08-09-2003

satisfied - It was always very crowded because of a lot of safari boat which is growing in number every year,but it's not so tough that you can get some waves.

Por anonymous , 03-09-2003

Crazy wipeout - what a fall in the first pic. how did you manage to do that on that wave???? crazy move man.

Por anonymous , 11-08-2003

so crowded - hey all
i've heard that jails so very busy with locals , someone told me over 40 ppl in the water , when is the best day/time to get it not crowded ? , does it need bigger swell than else where ?

Por uma010384@hotmail.com , 08-09-2002

Jail Break Rules!!! - When conditions are right it is the most perfect wave that anyone would want to ride.
Three enjoyable sections in one wave. Go for it. Its My favourite break.
-Maldivian loacal: "Uma" -

Por tommy , 19-08-2002

fun place! - Jail's has three separate take-offs but can link together when the swell is pumping. Must stay high on the outside section in order to make it around a tricky part in the reef. Inside is steep and tubes are frequent. Gets crowded!

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