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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Meeru reef


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Por JohnTefer , 22-05-2013

- Maldives is an ideal place for surfing..It is not only rich with long coastal region but also it has wide diversity wild flora and fauna..

Por joao santana , 25-04-2007

meeru a dream turns on a bad dream - I went there in 2006 september.15 days..to surf..the boats to the wave spots are 100 dolars per person...its rare surfers go to that resort...the meeru wave its a fake..close out everywere....you have to pedel more them 500 meters...I was in maldiv`s in 2004 at loifushi and it was the best 10 days of surfing in may life...for real this second time in maldives it whos a cheat about waves and gueting a boat to go to spots...meeruu its not a option to go to maldives to get sume really godd waves...go to loiss resort or get a boattrip travel...byby don´t chose meeruresort...

Por ericcapdevielle@yahoo.com , 03-04-2007

Meeru reef - Hi Surfers,
You can surf in Meeru. But not all the time. You will have perfect conditions only a few days a year. The swell must be big, oriented south and the wind offshore.
This wave is very fast and the reef VERY shallow. No channel and no current. Nobody in the water neither.
If you want more info, feel free to contact me. I leave there and surf there everyday.

Por mirco.haubner@freenet.de , 05-03-2007

Meeru Reef May 2007 - Hi folks!
2 Years ago I was on Lohifushi in Nov. Good surf, no crowds. It was no problem to get a boat out to the other spots.
This year in May my wife and little son have to go to meerufenfushi - dhonveli (pasta point) is too expensive with 150 Euro per day just to surf (oh my god!), Lohifushi is booked out so we decided to go to meerufenfushi, the resort is cheaper than the other islands.

So I read about the reef over there and my heart started to beat faster. Wow, there´s a wave, too.

Can you tell me how long the paddle out is from meerufenfushi to the reef. Where´s the spot exactly?

Do you know how much is a boat from meeru to the other spots? On Lohifushi it was about 8 dollars or so.

Seems like it is the only side to get informations and I hope we did the right decision to go to meerufenfushi. Hope to get some waves.

Maybe you got some more pictures from meeru to send me?


Por DaveCarv@mail.telepac.pt , 15-02-2007

Meerus - Hello peeps, last time when i was in Maldives in 2005, i talked to the Surf Guide at Lohis about Meerus, and he told me that they were waiting for a bigger swell to go there, and he told me it was a rideable wave...just needed the right swell direction and the right wind...so i suppose it can works, still i never been to Meeru.

Por Otta , 13-05-2005

Meerus - I saw all the pics and posts on Meeru and thought I HAD to surf there. We were on a boat trip in Sept 05 and got epic surf for 10 days. The only disappointment was making the trek to Meeru on what looked like the right conditions to get 2-3 ft and verging on close-out waves. The boats can only anchor at the very end of the reef so you're surfing MILES away from the boat and nearly impossible to signal for a pick up. I'd only check it out if Sultans, cokes etc are too big to ride. Meeru will be about half the size of those spots. I wouldn't stay there for a surf trip either. You're far better off on Dhonveli or Lohis. Meeru island itself does look awesome but you gonna pay out your a$$ to get to the other spots.

Por Johnny T , 01-04-2005

meeru reef - I just got back from the place. stayed on the resort very nice place but the surf is a different story. I paddled out to the reef and it was super shallow and the waves were not even rideable. It wasnt goin off but when it does i can bet that a ride here is close to impossible. I took a boat to chickens and scored some great waves on an empty lineup. If your coming here expect to take a 45 minute boat ride to chickens or cokes.

Por anonymous , 25-03-2005

pics - try to send closer pics cause id really like to surf this spot and i would want to see what the wave really looks like

Por juanmartin98@hotmail.com , 26-08-2004

- Its not a 5 star wave...and not only pros or kamikazes are able to surf this wave

Por Drifter , 17-08-2004

May for swell - Chris, I've been to this spot whilst in the maldives and to be honest it's super fickle. The info is correct though, it can get epic but nobody seems to surf it. It needs a swell with loads of south in it or it'll section and close-out loads. The wind in May will be mostly N or NW which is cross shore for this spot.
To be honest, this time of year favours the rights in this part of the Maldives. But you'll be lucky to score this place and if you stay on the island of meeru you'll be a long (and expensive) boat trip to other spots. Stay at Lohis cus it's close to cokes and cokes is a much better wave than here. Crowds aren't really much of an issue anywhere as the wind tends to be offshore all day and there is only so much sun you can take!

Hope this helps....

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