Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Cloud nine

Philippines, Siargao Islands

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Por Tomas M , 23-10-2011

Hey Mike - Hey Mike, i've been to 101 last January with my girlfriend, thx again for everything. Banjing and the other staff were the best. We'd love to come again this year, but is February ok? Because January was so windy and rainy, what do you think about this month?

Por Anonymous , 06-10-2010

Aussie - im coming to Philippines in February but am staying with some friends in bohol. Im hoping to get to siargao for a day or two try and get cloud nine. Is there much swell through this season at cloud nine, or can you recommend other surf spots which turn on during this time?

Por mike , 13-03-2010

best time @ cloud 9 - hello anonymus,there is no "best time "for cloud 9 the swell is best dec - mar but the wind and rain are a factor at this time sep and oct are really good if there is swell but the contest is on at this time also but there are plenty of other quality breaks in the area as well jun - aug are usually small but if u do get a swell the conditions are perfect check www.magicseaweed.com and look at their seasonal and historic data for some more info on the waves
yes the locals are as friendly as the rest of the philippines i am married to a cloud 9 local and we own www.ocean101cloud9.com resort and have a great understanding with all the locals

Por Anonymous , 25-01-2010

Aussie suffer in love with the philippines. - Just would like to know when is the best time to got to Cloud 9. My wife is Philippino and we want to go there with our kids. I have surfed other parts of the Phills but not the legendary C9 yet. If the people at C9 are the same as the rest of the phills it must be an awsom spot. can you give me info please?

Por MIKE , 11-05-2009

cloud 9 july-august - flavio
conditions are perfect at that time but yes the chances of swell at that time is less i have lived at cloud 9 for 9 years now and it is not the most consistant time but last year it was flat fow a long time so maybe this year it will be on and not many around,also as others have stated it is nice just being there and there is plenty of other things to do and see in Siargao and access to Siargao is easy now with cebu pacific flying direct 3 times a week
mike owner of OCEAN 101 CLOUD 9 RESORT

Por Flavio Ferreira , 02-04-2009

July - Hey Guys, do you know if July in Cloud 9 is too risk or is it worth to try? I'm planning to go by the end of july begining of August but it looks kind of inconsistent at this time of the year. Really appretiate opinions. Regards, Flavio

Por Anonymous , 01-01-2009

pumping - Its been pumping for weeks now!! big,huge,big again..hardley anything under 8 to 10 ft. faces.The best thing is the crowds are gone and its mostly onshore.Which means any savvy knowlegable surfer has to know the spots and where to go....there are so many unsurfed spots firing this time of year...and i am not talking about places like giwan or salvation.you know or ya dont!! god its great here!!

Por Anonymous , 10-12-2008

Bill the winger - Hey Bill,

Glad to see you won't be coming back again. We don't want arrogant pigs like you in the Philippines. Stay away and go to crowded Indo. The same for all you losers who hang it on this place. It's the best place in the world and the most beautiful people. Viva La Cloud 9.

Por Anonymous , 17-07-2008

surf travel - Its not all about YOU Bryce.!! You sound like the typical self obsessed, egotistical fool who expects the entire ocean to turn on just for you .Everyone must speek your language and everything must come wrapped and sterile-ready to eat . Then you must also be able to complain about it .AND be allowed to ask the dumbest questions half of which are retorical and the other half perfectly selfexplanatory by opening the eyes and focusing on the world further than your egocentric tunnelvision.
Noone said it would be easy and thats the reason you travel if not stay at home with your mum.

Por Azalea , 16-06-2008

damn right! - for the comment below me, you ARE VERY RIGHT! i'm sick of idiots compaining about such paradise, of course people will stare at u, u are a foreigner, i'm half filipino and half white and people stare at me, but the philippines is an awesome surfer's paradise with 7,107 islands! everyone in asia and the world travel there to surf

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