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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por fpolanco , 08-04-2013

Surf in May? - We are going to the Philippines for all of the month of May... We are heading to cloud 9 first.
How is the consistency there (or in the surrounding area) for that time of year? I've heard different things from different sources. Thoughts anyone? Thanks

Por mdursum , 16-10-2011

1st time to Philippines - Coming to the Philippines for the first time in December/January. Which coast should I go to for good waves? Luzon? Suragao? Thanks!

Por Anonymous , 10-08-2011

- There are also some islands in Palawan with nice wave to ride! Anyone ever been to El Nido stretch?
company names

Por charles barracuda , 08-06-2011

@anonymous - better said than than.we're talking here of concaves,rails,fin placements,the dust,the fumes etc etc.what if im from a remote island in the middle of the pacific thats has no pharmacy?

Por britash , 04-11-2010

A good resource for Siargao Island - A good resource if people need some extra info on the surf in Siargao: http://cloudninesurf.com

Por Chris , 14-09-2010

Surfing Oct/Nov - Im heading to the Philippines in October and plan on staying there for two months. I am looking for fairly decent sized waves. What are my chances of socring around the Siargao area? Also i am travelling alone and if there is anybody else in a similar situation who wants a travel buddy to share the experience with then just let me know! Cheers

Por Anonymous , 03-06-2010

- Don't forget about making your own board. I recommend if you're interested in surfing just go to your local hardware store, buy a bunch of foam, fiberglass, epoxy or whatever you think floats well and just start shaping. It will turn out great!

Por iceman , 27-05-2010

Board Shorts - Hi we sell high quality board shorts in sublimation printing with nice designs visit http://www.store.ozracingcorp.com/index.php?page=product&cat=Boardshort&prod_id=1&thumb_id=ok for more info about the product. Free shipping in Philippines.

Por walter , 24-02-2010

more advice for the newcomer - very good advice anonymous. On top of your pearl, I would advise to start with the biggest waves a beginner feels comfortable with. if you really want to become a pro, you should win over the fear factor in the first week. better surfing big (6 foot up) on shallow coral reefs with 5.11 or shorter board (still no people around). that would make life easier for the second week.

Por Anonymous , 17-02-2010

so you want to surf - first thing is get the smallest board possible, people will say it's easier to ride a longer board but that's not the go because they're hard to handle, just try handling one on the beach! Also it's best to learn at a reef break because the waves break at the same place every time so they're easier to catch. If possible try to find a shallow one so if you fall you can just stand up and you don't have to swim. Don't worry if people aren't surfing where you're surfing, when you're learning it's best to try to stay away from people. You just have to learn to catch the wave first, so it's ok to surf along a stretch of reef where no one normally surfs. Well that should get you started! Have fun, surfing is easy, you'll be ripping in a couple weeks.

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