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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por alfa.fauzy@yahoo.com , 23 oct

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Por mali1987 , 13 oct

- THX guys!

Por alfa.fauzy@yahoo.com , 9 oct

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Por alfa.fauzy@yahoo.com , 4 oct

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Por mdursum , 16-10-2011

First time to Taiwan - I'm heading to Taiwan for the first time in late December. I'm spending only 4 days there. Which coast is most consistent in the winter months? I'm thinking North East?

Por derekobe2002 , 20-09-2011

It's time to go surfing in Taiwan - The northeaster is coming, and it's right time to go surfing at east coast.Welcome every surfer visits Taiwan. If you want to know more Taiwan surfing information, please contact me.

Por Marcus , 26-05-2011

Killer Super Typhoon Surf On Tap 05/27/2011 - Hope you scrubs are in shape. That typhoon is going to just blast the coast with excellent surf. Get some for me, I'll be out in a few months. Hope another storm takes the same track then.

And yes, everybody is riding a log. A very tiny handful of people who know what they are doing shortboard, but popular spots are choked with rental longboards. Anything off the beaten path or away from Taipei or Kenting is empty, though.

Por Sam K , 30-09-2010

BOARD CHOICE - Hey Marcus, that was proper handy information. Many thanks. I think im gonna just chance it and take my Epoxy Xanadu 5.8 twin fin fish. It is a super fast board and should probably do the job. Is everyone really riding logs ??

Por Marcus , 18-09-2010

Board Choice - Winter on the East coast can get big enough, but rarely huge. Expect waist-chest most days on both sides with the Pacific side getting up to OH+ and maybe DOH on a really good day. Most everyone you see will be riding logs.

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