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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Vung tau - back beach


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Por HBpier RAT , 17-12-2011

shoulder to 1ft overhead in January 2010 - I surfed Vung Tao last year January of 2010. I was just passing through for a few day in HCMC and heard about this place and heading to INDO. I heard stories about this spot and wanted to go check it out. Man, I scored. I got consistent shoulder high-head high waves. The sets were over head. It was A frame peaks. I decided to just camp out for 2 weeks and surfed everyday. I got lucky conditions stayed glassy all day, everyday for 2 weeks. Yes, there was a current right to left. I got it all to myself. I thought i was in a dream. Because back at home, there are daily fights in the water. Anyways, its either a hit or miss. I will be back there again the end of December 2011 for another 2 weeks. I spoke with the local surfer there. According to him, this is the most consistent spot in Vietnam. I hope this helps.

Por Sylvain Ha , 29-04-2010

Finally some spots - 7 years in Vietnam and not so many surf till the last 3 months ... i tried Danang Hoi An area (which is ok for few months), Nha Trang area (nothing good), Mui Ne (once in a while) and Vung Tau.

This is the best spot at the moment with waves quite often, possibility to rent boards at the Beach Club on back beach (they actually have some very good boards from Jimmy Lewis and several sizes from 6' to 9'1 + padle and kite) and a beach bar just in front of the spot.

Only 1h30 from Saigon by the ferry boat ... heading there as often as I can and can check the forecast on their website and facebook (Beach Club Vung Tau) ...

Finally i can get new bumps on my board in a not crowded spot.


Por Anonymous , 09-04-2009

Surfing Vung Tau - The best waves beguining around middle may and at late December.
Surf equipment you can find at Beach Club// front of Summy Hotel // Bai Sau beach

Por nflores@unicru.com , 07-12-2006

No waves at all - I was in Vung Tau in mid October and there was no waves in the front beach. I did take a wave rider near the pagode island but only the left side. After I was done at the beach we took a car ride around town and the other side of the Pagode Island by car there was no visible surfers or people in the water. I asked various locals and no board rentals. I was depressed at not being able to surf this area.

Por Narrabeen Rick , 26-11-2006

Vung tau beach break ! - Finally found a nice little wave , I was there over the Chrismas break and the surf was 3ft very clean and best of all NO ONE THERE !! . The water has a lot of oil on the surface and you can see the oil rigs in the distance, apart from that not bad

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