Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Saltwater point

Australia, NSW, Mid North Coast

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Por Anonymous , 01-07-2010

local - if your not from around the area and dont surf saltwater frequently, you can expect to get burnt by all the hot grommets and other locals that are out there dominating every time its breaking. RESPECT THE LOCALS or expect to be told to leave!

Por jack h , 24-08-2008

GREAT!!! - great spot i've got relatives who live at wallabi pt. and other's who live at old bar so i come up regularly salty has a perfect right on it's day but try an avoid going around the other side quite sharky as a river hits the sea there, locals are very friendly

Por hi cat and amy , 17-10-2006

get Fucked any one thats not local - people should really stick there own local waves more often, instead we get all these fat mals that are to afraid to surf the beachies ova 3ft so piss off ok..

Por cat & amy , 17-09-2006

salty point - we've had tonnes of great surfs here even on our backhand you can just get the longest rides... watch out for old men on mals and all the hot grommets lol. on small days when its low tide and the wind is into it, its kinda bad and you dont really enjoy it, but with a southerly swell and nice waves youre gonna have the time of your life!!!

Por anonymous , 02-02-2006

salty point local - This spot is good and bad like all spots. you just have to know when to go there for the good waves. i live in old bar which is 5 mins away and have surfed alot up the coast as well. when the point is working its great. the best time to go is week days when every one is at work. also if you paddle hard and position your self well then crowds will never be a prob.

Por Saltypoint , 30-09-2005

To clear things Up for wanna bees - Saltwater Point is not also known as Wallaby Point, Wallaby Point / Reef is the next point North. Also Saltwaterpoint is not on the South West Coast, It is on the Mid North Coast.
How do I known? cause I grew up there and surfed it countless times when the only way to get there was via a sandy old gravel track. And yeah a few pipes, and nostril clearers are the best way to surf it at 10+. And a slug gun was the best thing to deal with the tourist, and the best laughs were watchin em tryin to get out off Jump Rock.

Por luke , 02-06-2005

- we get solid take off out off the jump where you take a drop off the suck rock,good luck trying to get a wave in this section if ya not a local cause there is usally about 10 to 15 fellas an grommets sitting right on it , through the middle section is a bit weak that where you cut bac an wait for the sick wall through the inside, paddle out ? stink that just run straight bac to jump rock too easy!been fuckin crowded latelly.will probally get worse too ..

Por mals suck , 11-05-2005

breaks heaps better on a ene swell - have fun gettin off jump rock on these days just stay away if ya dont no what your doin. South swell makes it fat and frustrating! it breaks best on a mid to rising tide straight or north swell it does make it section but hey its heap quicker and more powerfull enjoy it with every other city fuck that comes up with the swell. heaps funner wave after a few pipes

Por slj , 26-03-2005

from a chicks point of view - Saltwater point... the one near old bar works hell wen it gets some swell...yeh theres fat mal riders but ya take their waves n they dont do shit...hell wave..also known as wallabi point

Por ozsurfer , 12-11-2004

there is Saltwater Point (north coast) and Saltwater Creek (south coast) - They are both good waves, but Saltwater Creek on the south coast gets my nod- hollower smooth and doesn't section.

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