Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Fingal head

Australia, NSW, North

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Por Liam , 23-09-2008

yes - is this info on fingal head entirely accurate? I went there for a holiday and it was stormy the whole time. Definetely bigger than 3ft & I distinctly remember there being a sidewash off the head, with riders going LEFT instead of right. wtf????

Por bodyboarder_matt@hotmail.com , 13-06-2006

tyson i will do this for you - i will slap rhys thomas tomorow at school for you i know him so i can do this for you. i will also get his older brother to do this aswell

Por Tyson Ryan , 18-04-2006

dropkick - ahahah who ever put this pic up here is kidding them selves

Por Coomicub , 27-03-2006

Watch out for black people - watch out for black people they jump outta the bush and spear ya

Por Pete , 01-12-2005

Rhys Thomas... your a fuckwit - the photo of the dropkneer going left is actually Tyson Ryan at a particular reef on the sunshine coast..... rhys thomas shoot yourself

Por John , 07-09-2005

Check out the waves directly in frounf of the light house - There is usually a good bank in frount of the light house if you can make the drop. best on a big day

Por D , 25-04-2005

beginner surfer.. - Be gentle guys... I'm a complete novice "surfer" (I use that word loosely... at this stage I'd more acurately be described as an "ocean drinker" or "sand skimmer", but I'm trying). I have a short break in Fingal Bay and am in need of a little guidance. Is there any beginner spots I can get some practise on? Is there a good place to hire a board for about a week that wont send me broke? I appreciate your help :-)

Por anonymous , 01-04-2005

ride with the best - fingal has made some of the best surfers and body boarders. come and ride with the best. on big days try to get someone to give u tow in this will put i new look on surfing and u wont go back
fingal rips

Por anonymous , 22-12-2004

life savour - fingle south beach cen be the only spot on the gold coast
or near the goldy coast that works on a 2
feet northerly wind swell the back wash
cen make the waves out the back 6
feet plus but it is not protected out the back
go on high tide the is a hollow barriling
shorey it cen be sharky

Por freddy , 14-03-2004

wimps - who cares about a car park

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