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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Lennox head

Australia, NSW, North

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Por andrew johns , 17-06-2010

- this is a very over rated spot. and yes there are many sharks!! crowds are also very extreme. there are better places to surf around byron

Por mangybear , 13-01-2010

typical - Heavy locals, sharks and sharp rocks. Sounds like a bunch of selfish little boy's trying to scare people off so they can try to own a surf spot. Respect earns respect with any real surfer.
Just don't drop in or snake!

Por Anonymous , 31-10-2007

sharks - went down there this weekend just for a day trip, all right surf abit small, then the next thing i new some one yelled out shark and there was 3 4metre tiger sharks out there pretty hectic, apart from that they have some mad birds down there

Por dugorila , 21-06-2007

Place for stay - Hello, I want to know if there is a good place for camping and surfing around Ballina and Lennox Head. Which place do you recommend? ... cheers

Por Anonymous , 13-03-2007

hahaha - hahahahaha went down there for rusty gromfest yeah pretty fun

Por Anonymous , 20-10-2006

- Probably bi boy and the black fluffy dice photo police who started the fight. Total tossers, these fairies are going to get what they deserve soon, trust me. You'll want eyes in the back of your heads boys. C YA SOON!!

Por southernbumsunited@hotmail.com , 16-10-2006

great wave but..... - sweet waves there but when i was chillin in the town some local punks started fights... nice place though

Por Anonymous , 06-10-2006

Good Trip - I just got back from a trip down there. the locals were cool and the waves were good. it was only small but we still got some decent rides. There was a shark out for one surf at the point but other than that it was awsome. Getting off the rocks isnt hard. definatly one of the best spots i have surfed.

Por Norway , 29-09-2006

cool and NICE! - How often is this spot ON during the summer?

Por Staycool , 06-09-2006

Cool if you are. - Hey turkeytalk, don't worry about bi boy. I've had a run in with him too. Ive been a local here all my life and i know the tosser your talking about. He'll get what he deserves one day. And your right he is a fairy I've seen him try and surf before. I know it's turds like this that give the rest of us a bad name and promote friction between locals and visitors.

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