Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Mollymook point

Australia, NSW, South Coast

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Por Anonymous , 07-01-2007

Dnt put mix of the beach... - oi wdf.. notice the spot is Mollymook POINT.. its a right hander so y are there picks of left handers at the beach.. post picks that are of the spot..

Por Anonymous , 23-08-2006

molly point - i was out molly point on the holiday and i was watching some local kid with a mad surfo shreading and getting epic barrels

Por local boy waza , 14-08-2006

MY PIC - the pic i took is the number 1 on the best pics. it was easter sunday 2006

Por riley , 27-06-2006

local boy - molly point works, but its inconsitent full of kooks and there are better spots boys

Por wez , 21-06-2006

its fun - its hell fun when u get a good day but as soon as it has a wave every 1 is out u get a few kooks like me out just haven a go but its hell fun

Por harbour boyz , 28-04-2006

it sux - went there last week to many kooks for how bad the quality of the wave was ps surf a real break boyz

Por R welsh and other crazy surfers rule the world , 09-03-2006

R Welsh sick dog - Im crazy man I take off on the 40 footers . Ya gotta watch the sharp rocks but. Me and Tom surf it all the time.

Por tom miller , 10-02-2006

i am so great point is so big - i am so good at surfing i am the only person that surfs point cause everyone else in ulladulla are pussies and dont go out bigger then 2 ft sometimes i go back door barrels. backdoor is when you pull in really deep as if you are meant to go left but if you are crazy like me you go right and get BARRELS a barrels is where the lip goes over your head sometimes it is easier to get barreled if you stick ur bum out and bend over so ur head is nearly touching the wave ps ulladulla come surf the big ones with me pussies

Por Angelo the Madog , 10-02-2006

Angelo - i boady board this so much...Im a mad dog.Point is the craziest wave in Australia. Not many people can handle the drop.

Por anonymous , 29-12-2005

Hein Cooker - I surf this place heaps and its heaps cool. You take off next to the point and get the longest heaviest barrells. Its so good an i shred over all you other locals.

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