Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Narrow neck

Australia, QLD, Gold Coast

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Por Mr T , 19-10-2009

i'm on my way - he I been stuck in a wave deprived country for a while, coming back home soon and one of the first things i gonaa do is charge that reef. Been reading all this crap on the forum, you guys gotta relax. You testosterone Gromms gotta get laid or a new swell pulse.Anyway, Don't you dare drop in on my first wave, I'll go Hulk

Por Anonymous , 24-12-2008

boogy boarding - boogy boarding is homo. plain and simple.

Por Anonymous , 15-02-2008

Does this reef work? - It seems this is the best artificial reef built to date, but does is work? Is there a surfable wave or is it a mutant tube for boogie boards? Did it accomplish is goal of filling in the the sand on the beach?

There is a lot of hope and hype about artificial surfing reefs and some serious money has been spent. Can these things work?

Por Anonymous , 10-11-2007

NSG 4 life - Nazz super groms rule
we all know it

Por Anonymous , 17-04-2007

- person below, you may want to look at the images

Por Anonymous , 01-09-2006

boogers ur all talk - nothing you can do lying down holding on a piece of foam can impress me. come to nazz an we will c who gets more waves and air. boogers ur all talk. i never eva seen 1 bodyboardy charge the reef an i surf nazz every day big and small.

Por Anonymous , 25-07-2006

- Bodyboarders are the best.i'd love to see a surfer get as much air as us.

Por anonymous , 17-05-2006

I KNOW U DYLAN!!! - ur the fag who rote that DD and fuck off boogers shit on the bridge ur seriously dead next time u come to nazza NSBL are the only ppl who own that wave not u mr DD ur the biggest kook ever and expect to be smashed!

Por anonymous , 16-05-2006

F@!#% OFF boogers - BOOGERS DONT COME 2 naza surfers drop in on ur and snake u everywave ur just annoying out in da surf aight peace dd

Por anonymous , 15-04-2006

kooky boogers - u boogers are the biggest tryhards i swear if i see one of u little d#$% dragers out there ill run over u,snake u and drop in on u dun eva come to naz or surf the reef agin go surf ur crappy shore break thats only only place that ull get deeper then us in.

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