Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Australia, TAS, Hobart

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Por anonymous , 06-04-2004

no title - who cares whether he shoulder-hopped that THING...it'd take balls bigger than most to even go near it...respect.

Por anonymous , 06-04-2004

no title - C'mon man,that photo 1's got to be Photoshopped.Or that guy tucks his balls in a knapsack before he paddles out!

Por geez... , 05-04-2004

Andy Campells won $80 G for mutant wave? - That would be pretty sad. I mean, look at his drop-in line: he was simply whipped in early by a jetski, then stayed just to the side of the mutant fray. So the wave looks nasty, but anybody could get towed in rigth *next to* the mess. The guy pulling into the barrel in photo 1 is more impressive. If people are getting paid 80G to ride *beside* ugly-looking waves... the value of earning an honest dollar has been completely lost to camera angles and media hype.

Por anonymous , 05-04-2004

no title - its funny though how ross clark jones said the wave is boring after surfing it for 2 days. I beleive he also said Nz's got the best big wave set up between the 2 countries. It will be interesting to see who wins the oakley big wave challenge and what country that wave was caught in. Still the wave looks like a mutant.

Por anonymous , 05-04-2004

quality? - Look,guys! No doubt, this is a different dimension, but totally epic? Totally epic means 10 second tube material. Anybody here had one of those?

Por anonymous , 04-04-2004

!!!!!!! - It's not a wave, it's a monster. It's even more frightening than Cyclope in West Oz !

Por anonymous , 04-04-2004

damn! - shit dude that photo is gnarly! i totally agree with what was said about it being "the most dangerous wave"...it looks it!

Por anonymous , 04-03-2004

??? - Can someone send me some pictures (photos) to DaveCarv@mail.telepac.pt ??? i dont know the wave :( please ?

Por anonymous , 30-01-2004

no title - I from the U.S.A and I surfed it once at about 10 to 12 foot faces about 1 year ago and that place scared the fucking shit out of me. I only got 2 waves and got totally waxed my second one. I got the hell out of there after my second wave and watched it from the shore. That place is for psychos like Koby Abberton and Ross Clarke

Por i thought icharged , 25-11-2003

shipsterns very very syco - i surfed it once 9ft im never going back fuk that shit, to fukn scary, ross clark jones youre a fukn syco cunt

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