Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Red bluff

Australia, VIC, East Coast

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Por Anonymous , 21-07-2006

- oh my god bluff has been pumping lately, huge 10ft barrels out yesterday, with an unusualy easy paddle out. i guess there wasnt much sand over the end bowl, which made for long rides (if you made the barrel!)
does no-one surf anymore? it was empty

Por anonymous , 15-01-2006

red bluff - are you all sure this place breaks? ive never seen a rideable wave here ever? does it ever get any swell?

Por giget05@hotmail.com , 19-05-2005

bluffs going off - its been pumping here for the past few days, pretty clean 6-8 foot. hey and who said mal riders think they own the bluff well reality cheak WE DO! Ha mal riders kick ass around here. so if you are around the area get out there and carve it up!

Por giget05@hotmail.com , 19-05-2005

bluff is pumping! - the Red Bluff has been going off for the past 2 days and is still good. clean 6-8 ft almost barrling. so get out there and carve it up!

Por anonymous , 22-04-2005

rory o - is pick 1 rory oke hes a fair standup but i spose we`d all be that good if our dads shaped our boards to

Por Grom , 05-02-2005

Bluff - Pic 3 i think it is, is Jarrod M. The only bodyborder brave enough 2 charge sum waves b4 the swell droped off. that nice left is him droping in, bottom turning. he made the wave too, got a insane tube

Por local lads , 30-01-2005

- it is not that great, but it is the best surf round here if u r lucky u might catch it on a good day and get some average waves it mostly consist of old neva was kooks who think they own the joint the most dangerous thing about this joint is getting run over by a 12 foot out of control mel

Por Surfing bum , 22-11-2004

Bluffs good - Mainly a surfing wave but when its huge you could have some long pits on the lid. Great all round wave. Mal riders think they own it but they don't so don't take any of their shit espeically when they do the 'o famous drop in'!! Enjoy all

Por local grom , 14-10-2004

- this spot can realy go off, one of the best waves I've ever riden when it works. inconsistant swell doesn't help though.

Por killer , 23-07-2004

big wave - ive been surfing the coast of nighty mile beach my hole life and never found a more mellow fun relaxing wave ever. and in big swell this spot can catch some extremely big powerful waves. about 2 years ago i surfed it in a flood and it was going off 10 foot pumping barrels.

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