Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Por Anonymous , 08-12-2008

bodyboarders - as an ex bodyboarder i didnt have any hassles, except i would suggest that you try to stay away from the surf coast perhaps (except for a few gnarly waves which are suited for bodyboarding)and you should be fine.. The east coast and far west(except localised places)will welcome bodyboarders..

Por sam , 14-09-2008

- i just moved down form qld r bodyboards welcome there

Por carl , 24-07-2007

pweter u hero - dude youre my hero

Por Anonymous , 29-01-2007

- i love to surf and one day im going to go there and surf it! surfing is my passion, sam is somewhere out there and i cant wait for him to come back! hes gone to australia for 3 months surfing because its his passion just like me!me!

Por Keeif , 15-08-2006

- I agree Pweter I'm over all the guys who carry on like they're surfing Pipe on the Mornington Peninsula. Pretty much all the waves are pretty soft

Por Pweter , 14-08-2006

MD - Are you comparing height for size?
because a chest high South straddie waves has more power than a 13 beach head high any day.
I came to Vico thinking that it would have similar power to west oz due to all the bullshit put out by Victorians
and DOES NOT repeat for you stupid pricks it DOES NOT
go surf west oz for awile you will know what i mean

Por Battler , 04-05-2006

Luna Park lunacy - in 15 years ittl b the new teahupoo n e ways so y botha hiding it. If ppl want to go out and test themselves on this slab then let them have a dig bra! Wonder why i havent seen n e footage of u @ luna park on a big day??? It lookslike a hektik beeak and if n e one has the balls to go it @ size then they should be encouraged.

Por anonymous , 20-02-2006

- i duno why ur so worried bouts it being found, ive seen it on a fair few dvds already, so ther goes ya big secret, who cares if a few ppl kno of it most wil be too shit scared to go out newayz

Por anonymous , 17-02-2006

dont mention lunas - do not ever mention lunas on this site agin mate EVER its aviico secret no strand ups aloud dont want it known about for another 15 yrs

Por anonymous , 19-01-2006

luna park - hey has any 1 out there surfed this place. there always boogs out but i havent seen stand ups.

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