Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Margaret River North

Australia, WA

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Por Tim Larcombe , 18-01-2008

MR vs Sydney 1770 - The only stretch of Australian coast that compares to the Cape to Cape is Sydney PB to Cronula and on to Wollongong. But MR doesn't have 4 million people. We surf epic waves with 5-10 others out regularly. MR mainbreak aint what it used to be, true. 20 in the lineup is a bummer at double overhead. But you earn your stripes. It's a heavy heavy wave at size and the margin between glory and damnation is very thin. It's the pinacle of surfing. Some days you nail it, other days you would have been better off takin a camera out with you and sittin in the channel. But those days you nail it ....

Por Anonymous , 04-11-2007

bottom line - i spent about 3 months in the marg river zone and loved it. the bottom line is, the waves there could be some of the most consistent on earth and the number of spots is mind blowing. it can be windy, but if you have a good vehicle and some gumption you can find spots all to yourself with a great variety of setups. take a bigger board for sure, and be ready to charge. on top of that, the chicks are some of the easiest in the world! they talk with funny accents and cant wait to get rooted by visiting surfer guys. put a little piss in em, and they become regular barnyard animals! on top of that, the aussie guys are prety much softcocks and not much in terms of competition. love the waves down there,, the chicks rule, and the blokes are soft, in and out of the water

Por Toby , 05-08-2007

This Place Rocks! - I've surfed Pt Piquet, Injidup Beach, Smiths, Nachos, A-Frames and Meelup and the most quality would have to be Nachos and Pt Piquet!

Por deasy , 17-04-2007

power - i lived in the south west for about 3 years. it does get some amazing powerful waves, not all the time but with the right knowlegde you can score when its small, big, onshore, or crowded. some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, big waves but even bigger egos of the people that live there just because you surf 8 foot pea break or womb doesn't mean you are 'the man'
dunsborough the stink eye capitol of the world

Por Anonymous , 09-07-2006

sweet - maybe no dog this place suks

Por Anon , 07-07-2006

Blow ins - Been surfing the SW for 20 odd years. Seriously guys, most of my mates are from Perth - who have been coming down this way for god knows how long and now have land in Margies or Yalls or wherever. Jesus dudes, Everyone goes on about blow ins, but the real fact is that the Majority of people living down this way are blow ins from around the country anyway (mainly Vicco).
The real locals probably wouldn't bother even referring to themselves as such, because they are real people who are laid back, know where to surf when it's small, big or onshore. So quit the blow in thing - just look at Dunsborough for crying out loud. Its out of control! Other than the so called locals, I just simple love the SW

Por Anonymous , 14-06-2006

nothies 6 ft, offshore, 3 guys out.......? - 3 mates at northies from 6 till 1.
what are you? drunk. unless ur commented was submitted in 1990 (back in the day) it never gets 6-8 ft, offshore, 3 guys out in 2006
you might get the ledge, middle of winter, mid week, offshore, 3 guys out.
douth man ohhhhhhhhh douth (like down south) ohhhhh us perthies r so hardcore....oi man im going dowth wanna hit up the douth with us? nah man i'm goin crouest (like cross west) to rotto
to hit up rox (like rotto box). oh that's gey man coz "douth i best".
stick to ur perth beachies boys.
locals KILL.

Por anonymous , 01-04-2006

what are we good at - Er...spelling,laughing and Commonwealth games.

Por anonymous , 25-03-2006

sw wa is the best - and this 6-8 feet swell stayed round for almost 2 weeks wid offshore winds evryday and most days all day. and 1 of the days was 10-12 feet wid bigga sets n the wind was offshore all day. douth i best

Por anonymous , 25-03-2006

sw wa is da best - sw wa is sik cos ther r no crowds compared 2 all the good spots in oz. I was out at 6-8 feet north point(offshore winds) (best northies ive eva seen) wid 3 mates from bout 6am till 1pm n had it all 2 ourselves. and that day ther was only 2 ppl out at south point.

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