Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por Ioan Haumoana Soler Hotu , 26-02-2010

Summer is almost over - it is coming down to the last days of summer for Rapa Nui but the season has been average with some good solid days. Spots Like Tahai got an incredible run of two weeks of perfect surf. Mataveri few but most of the days it was perfect offshore for Hanga Raoa Bay. Waiting for the bigger south swell for the south shore.

Por Acuaheise , 10-02-2010

Best season - I ve been surfing the summer in easter island (december january) and was good but im wondering when mataveri starts working and the other part of the island vinapu side...im coming between june and july

Por Anonymous , 04-01-2010

- i'm rapa nui local surfer,, the one who made this post don't know nothing...!!!!,,some waves don't exixst,,!!!,,or got another name...,, the swell condition are wrong to ,, ask the locals,,,!!!,,,good vobes for everyone..aloha

Por Dayna Harrison , 12-03-2008

mysterious paradise - ive just been in easter island for 5 days leaving tonite, there has been swell the whole time iv been here it dosnt seem to stop and it can jump within minutes. heaps of heavy volcanic reefs, plenty of solid waves and plenty of places on land that will blow your mind. get out there if u got the cash. peace

Por dc , 31-12-2006

ilha de pascoa - Hello,

Without any doubt one of the most inexplored places on earth and with the heaviest waves on the planet...

Por eldaltito@hotmail.com , 16-12-2006

surfing is life - hellow.. my name is daniel, I'm from uruguay.
is practice surf all the time with my friends. I think that surf is de best.
I think that the moment when you are on a tube is bestest than an orgasm. what do you think?
sorry... my english is horrible
good waves!!!

Por Anonymous , 04-10-2006

- any bodyboarders surf here??

Por chris360@mail.com , 09-02-2006

Forget It - FRANK

Forget about board rental. Forget about longboards - this island is NOT SUITABLE for either. In the words of my Chilean friend "Crazy people surf here". If you don't have significant ammounts of shallow water/sharp reef experience as well as a desire to charge the big stuff you won't surf here.

Por frank@frontend.com , 09-08-2005

surf easter island - hi guys and gals, im heading to easter island in a few weeks. I'm wondering whether its possible to rent a bord on the island? preferably a 8-9 foot longboard?

also what is the scuba diving like?
I appreciate any help you can give.


Por cassi_cardoso@yahoo.com.br , 16-06-2005

Hello.I'm braziliam.Please, read my message - Hi, my name is Cardoso. I'm braziliam and surfer, shure!haha (sorry for my english is very bad)
I would like your island one day...Do you live in Easter Island, o.k.?
I love nature, waves and soul places, and I try know this island. I'm working too much every day because I try visit Easter!!
What's the language speak in there?
Did you live all of your life in there?
Sorry, I'm gonna work now.
Have a good day.
Cardoso - Brazil

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