Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Por Anonymous , 24-07-2010

Hideaway and Beachhouse - im staying at Beachhouse at the moment and i can say the location of Hideaway shown on the map is about 15 mins by car too far south. Havnt surfed it yet but will soon. Have been getting some fun waves at Beachouse thought. It is a very temperamental wave that offers great tubes only when the tide is perfect and the wind not too strong. It is a very short wave but on bodyboard you take off late by the time you hit bottom ur in the barrel and the are 98% makeable even with your eyes shut. Have had 4 sec tubes there which is amazing when you see its only about a 30 metre ride. Watch the sharp reef. Where springy to protect you vital regions as the cuts usually get infected.

Por Hamish , 01-07-2009

Positive - Sick wave that pours on the goodness went it's ready. The backdoor is the best place of entry and highly makeable. The Hideaway nightly disco offers solid girly action too. Their usually bored and keen to hit the lagoon after a day of sun baking. Get involved, ask questions and tear in!

Por Undeez , 06-04-2009

Would definitely turn on - Surfed there in mid March 09'. Paddled out to find 4 guys already there. It was .5-2ft on sets and very small. Very windy. Got abt 6 waves with the biggest producing enough power so I could get across the section. Looks like it might throw over with size and has a hook at the end. Long paddle abt 500-600 metres. Worth a try for sure.

Por Anonymous , 31-01-2009

hideaways - i am heading to hideaway resort around 12th of april and leaving the 21st, can anyone tell me what the waves are like around that time??

Por Perry Collier , 30-10-2007

Great fun wave in the right conditions - Just returned from Hideaway resort and got fun (up to 1.5 head height) waves in PERFECT glass conditions, thought I was sitting in a surf magazine spread. Blew it's head off for the rest of the time. One attempted surf was aborted on a glassy day but with HIDEOUS wave set up - like a right-hand "cho-poo" with no escape route. Not sure what the problem was, good size swell but a nasty sucking takeoff (and this was at high tide) and not much chance of making it to the channel. Had a lot of trouble getting in over the reef to the lagoon that day with no waves to show for it. Next day was out of a Rip Curl add.

Por 2 week local , 22-08-2006

Hideaway local?? - If your a true "Hideaway Local" you should be spending your time cleaning my romm, and not calling paying guests off waves.

I spent 2 weeks in the Hideaway in 2004, did get a little busy on the weekends when it was working, but not so bad that you couldn't get waves. The only trouble i had was with a "local" who felt i shouldn't be riding "his" wave. I find that hard to believe, considering the kook was American!! Say no more.

The hotel is nice, ideal way to get a surf trip and keep the misses happy.

Por HIDEAWAY LOCALS , 30-05-2006




Por anonymous , 01-05-2006

Poor wave - This is a short, poor wave. Not worth travelling #,000kms for. You would get longer & cleaner shorie breaks at your local beach.
Travel up to Sigatoka Rivermouth, it's always twice the size, four times longer rides, ten times as sharky but well worth the drive.

Por anonymous , 12-03-2006

Party Wave - This is probably the most crowded wave in Fiji when it's working. Due to a generous resort owner/surfer leaving the break open to all comers (unlike a lot of other breaks in Fiji) this place is a magnet for decent surfers all along Fiji's coral coast. On a good day you'll have up to 10-12 decent surfers out - 7 or 8 locals + 5 or six blow ins. They all know the wave and they'll all call you off. It's always a good vibe but don't expect many waves. Wicked whirlpools too when the channel is really running that scare the hell out of you and can take you down for a bit. Surfable 1 hour each side of high tide.

Por K , 02-03-2006

Fun & fast! - Just got back from staying at Hideaway & got 3 fun days out of 6. Nothing epic but no crowds & plenty of waves. Really fun & fast wave but if you're heading to Hideaway check out the tide charts first 'cos you've really only got a small window of opportunity each day. A couple of hours either side of high tide is OK, but anything outside of that's going to be a little sketchy. And the paddle out has got to be closer to 400-500 metres & it can be a bitch paddling in against the outgoing tide. I explored options at other places, but without a car it's tough. I'd suggest picking up a cheap rental from the airport as it's expensive elsewhere. Otherwise head somewhere with boat access to maximise your surfing experience.

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