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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 14-01-2009

- YO i just went and visited guam..not too much surf out there. Better to just stay home...wasnt really worth it.

Por Anonymous , 09-11-2008

surf club, class, school for beginners in Guam? - Newbie surfer just moved to Guam. Are there any surf clubs or schools for beginners?

Por Anonymous , 17-10-2008

- I want to nominate Pascual Robles. I think he embodies the qualities of a good surfer. He is dedicated to surfing, a friend to all other surfers and a good family man. Oh the last time I saw him he was ripping left side Merizo.

Por Anonymous , 16-10-2008

Who rips on Guam - I have been surfing on Guam for some time. Could some one please inform me and anyone else who reads this form who the real chargers are and who are the posers. List there names and where they surf.

Por Anonymous , 24-04-2008

do not fail to yeild - i repeat always check be 4 dropping in especially for locals.
respect the culture and the people.
and you'll get it back.

Por Cookiejammer , 13-01-2008

Surf Nightmares - Can people check out my blog...its for a classat OSU...and if anyone wants to "learn how to surf when you go to Guam" well...check out my blog and you'll get what you need.

Any locals on this sight? If so, send me an e-mail. I need some pics of Mugundas bay for my blog sight



Por Anonymous , 09-11-2007

need info - I will be visiting Guam DEC22rd-25th. If you know any info on surfing in guam(surf shop surf tour or surf community or even a surfer). please let know!!

Por unice850@hotmail.com , 24-06-2007

Is there any surf instructors?? - i'm gonna go after 2days...and i wanna start learn surfing in guam~
If u guys have some information , plz help me to know that ;)


Por wavedragon@gmail.com , 18-04-2007

Any surfers on Guam? - Hey,
Ill be on Guam in a few weeks looking to find some solid surf. Dont know where to go or when, hoping to find some cool surfers to help a bradda out! thanks,

Por sbsurfer2@yahoo.com , 21-08-2006

surfing saipan - i surfed saipan last year for a typhoon swell 2'-4' perfect waves off the reef north of town where longboarders surf on the inside. nice place and a very strong currents there so be very careful and don't use channels to paddle out because that current is gonna suck you out to sea!

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