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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
¡Disfrute y contribuya!

 West Coast Auckland

New Zealand, New Zealand NI

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Por Anonymous , 15-01-2008

- I mean about the surf btw lol to the comment below. I'm bad at the whole comp thing lol.

Por Anonymous , 15-01-2008

- Hi people from Raglan hugs and kisses from the states. Was just wondering if anyone could tell me about the different areas. Planning on moving down here with my family in a year or so.

Peace love surf and thanks in advance:))

Por surfer dude , 11-08-2007

surfs breaks - Hey locals i am coming 2 raglan to surf and just wanted 2 know are most of the surf breaks in walking distance of eachover or does it require a car to get to each one?

Por anonymous , 24-11-2005

alot of iron beachies - as a general rule,these beach breaks are best caught about an hour before hightide cause of it's consistency, so if it'll haddle the size it'll be this time of tide, when these beach's max out you'll need to find a point or reef we only have lefties that handle size, west is rugged and never without surf, best time of year is autumn cause we get lots of easterlies alot of these spots on this page are myths or poor access that will break on the same conditions as piha, we don't get real crowds so just go to the popular spots and you'll get plenty of waves

Por dub , 11-09-2005

work possibilites - hi everybody I'm a french surfer and I'd like to known if it's easy or not to found a job in NZ (in the tourism industry).
chao lucky gays

Por adam may , 29-06-2004

best season - i think the best season for piha is nov/dec, jan/feb,and march/april thats when the easterly winds are most common. during other months piha is often 6-8 or 8-10ft+ and onshore, no one wants to ride waves like that unless they have balls of steel

Por Adam May , 29-06-2004

typical swell size - too big - I have a batch at piha and I am there very often i think the typical swell sizes for march/april and nov/dec are too large. usually round that time pihas swell is small often 1-2ft, i think the typical swell sizes for those months are about 2-3ft give or take a foot. Sure it will get big every few weeks but as far as I know Piha is quite small for long periods of time during those particular months.

Por anon , 05-06-2003

oi mike - you should refrase that, PIHA is all attitude and no ability

Por The Swedish Chef , 09-04-2003

Swiss Rolls - Sherby derby derby derby - sherby derby doo - sherberdy derberdy doo - boo boo boo!!

Por A Swiss guy , 02-03-2003

The America's Cup - Hey folks,

Sorry for you...but you know the story now...the Cup will look nice around here...I am sure you Kiwis are nice guys most of the time and I even plan to visit you since I met some of you around the European breaks and the Swiss mountains. Nevertheless some of you (i.e. the Braveheart lobby) should learn what the word "sport", competition and brotherhood mean...as well as freedom (to leave a team and join another)...at the end this should be a good leason for these ones...
Apparently we were not welcome at all in your contry...you are in mine should you come around!

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