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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por SaM , 29-06-2010

Hoax - Just got back from a two week stint in Tonga during the "prime" season for swell. Didn't see a wave over 2 foot. Will be going back to Indo next year, couldn't give a stuff about the crowds!

Por Anonymous , 30-10-2009

outer islands of vavau - check out video of some waves in Vavau on youtube "Outer Islands Surf Tonga"

Por gt , 17-05-2009

! - about as likely as getting a root over there.. not good! tonga at any time of the year is fickle, i can't understand why you'd go there instead of indo or even fiji and samoa

Por Anonymous , 11-05-2009

summer - during summer what are the chances of finding a left?

Por bob , 04-05-2009

surf'n vava'u - hey dla2s seen ya info on waves in vava'u going up there for 6 months and look'n for waves and someone to go surfing with!anybody surfed up there be there from june thanks

Por Anonymous , 07-01-2009

Summer spot.. - i lived in tonga for 3 years and the guy below me is right, if you want quality waves in tonga you have to be there between dec-feb, just after a macking hawaii swell. the rest of the year you need to have the luck of the irish to score, it is stupidly fickle! i remember going 4 months without a surf during a time that ha'atafu promotes as consistent...

Por The Green , 24-12-2008

hit and miss... - Just had 10 days in Tonga and surfed some of the best waves of my life!! Saw the swell/s coming down from Hawaii & jumped on the plane that night and scored BIGTIME!! Smallest day 3-4ft (6-8ft faces) and up to double overhead plus on the peak days... IF you dont believe me check out the pics Ive put up of E.T's..All said If you dont have the luxury of being able to see a swell coming and chase it up, Id say its pretty fickle a lot of the time and definitley can go flat for long periods, but when its on its pretty unbelievable..

Por dla2s , 21-09-2008

Ya'll dont know - My brother and I took two fishing boats from Hawaii to Tonga. We spent about 4 years fishing the waters. Of course being from Hawaii I was always on the lookout for quality waves. Not that junk at Ha'atafu. I marked down over 20 quality waves but most only accesible by boat. I can assure you GET WAVES. I'll give one up. right in front of Ha'apai harbor. But for those who are crazy enough there is a beutiful slab on Tofua. Please respect the culture and ask for permission before heading there. By the way heres another hint. small uninhabited island off of Vava'u. Solid left and right bowls. e-mail me if anybody gets there. Maybe I,ll see somebody other than my brother out there in the water.

Por Hans Molman , 25-03-2008

tonga is a HOAX - i went to tonga for 2 weeks last july. it was flat the entire time. my board stayed in the bag the whole trip!! best surf trip ever.. not.

Por cdisley , 18-02-2008

I'd go back - I spent 2 weeks in Tonga in Jan 2006. Loved it. Very cool, very friendly, great waves out the front epic waves on the outer reefs. We scored big time had a couple of south swells (Sick leftsup to 6ft)with a northswell (epic rights 6ft)in between. A couple of small days in 14. Take a book or 2. When you're not surfing there's not much else to do.

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